Before you get started at Pride, we would like you to know what you are about to sign up for, what to expect from us and what we expect from you!

  • We accept and welcome beginners with open arms, but we still expect beginners to work hard.
  • We expect our members to be in the gym at least 3 times per week to see the full benefit of our program.
  • Our workouts are not easy, if you want an easy workout you will not find it here.
  • We lift weights, and we have experienced coaches who will make sure you lift with proper form and technique so you do not get injured, so don't be afraid to lift, we will teach you how. If all you do is cardio you may be shocked when we ask you to lift heavy weights.
  • We also do cardio. If all you want to do is lift you may be shocked when we ask you to do cardio.
  • We use kettlebells in almost every single workout. If you do not love kettlebells or you have never used one before, you may be shocked to see how much we love them.
  • Our coaches are uplifting and motivating, sometimes funny and sometimes serious, expect a mixture of positivity and good natured joking, all to get you to lift more and move faster and give 100%.
  • This is not a temporary program, we have members who have been with us for over seven years straight, and we expect you to be here for the long haul.

Getting started at Pride is simple!

Step 1: All new clients go through two weeks of fundamentals training where you will learn how to squat, deadlift, press, use the rowers and bikes and kettlebells. The fundamentals class is held at 6pm on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday evenings (we can schedule your fundamentals for a different time if this doesn't fit your schedule just email us first). You will go through six fundamentals classes and then you will join the regular class schedule. Please email or call us to confirm your spot in the fundamentals class! And please come in a few minutes early to fill out a waiver or you can download and print it by clicking this DOWNLOAD button. Your first class is free, just come in and give us a try and you will see why our program, our trainers and our people are so amazing and will help you achieve your fitness and physique goals!

Step 2: Once you have gone through your first fundamentals class you can talk with your instructor or the gym owners after to figure out the best pricing option to sign up with. Your instructor will also talk with you about how you did in class and how you feel. (Not everyone will need to go through Fundamentals, it just depends on your lifting experience and your current physical conditioning level, but usually the only people we allow to skip fundamentals are people who are coming to us from a gym just like ours with a similar program). 

Step 3: Finish up fundamentals and then roll into the AC class with the big kids! Get stronger, get faster, and get leaner!

***If you are interested in Personal Training, please email us directly at Personal Training is great for people who need a more personal approach or need a custom program built for them to reach a specific goal. We would love to work with you to achieve all your goals, so please email us if you would like to talk about Personal Training. Our schedule for PT is very tight, we cannot do any PT sessions during class times, so be sure to include the schedule you are looking for when emailing us about PT. Thanks!