About Us

About the gym…

Established in 2009, we are one of the longest running, private, single owner fitness facilities in the Charlotte Metro area. Both Doug and Lindsay have competed in Muay Thai, boxing, kettlebell sport, powerlifting, and olympic weightlifting. We started training people in a park, and then moved into our first space with just a handful of clients, one rack, and some dumbbells, and over a decade later we are one of the largest most well equipped gyms in Charlotte.

Pride is also home to:

  • Activade Health (Ken Corcoran, Physical Therapist)
  • Strength Through Motion (Mary Grace Fowler, Massage Therapist)
  • Objective Strength & Power (Natalie Richards, IPF World Champion 57kg raw)

Facility & Equipment

  • Six station squat and pull up rig
  • Three weightlifting platforms with their own blocks and squat stands
  • Two power racks
  • 4 Powerlifting Combo Racks and comp spec bars
  • Over 1,200kg in competition/calibrated powerlifting plates
  • Pendulum leg press, leg extension, lat pull down, t-bar row, GHD, competition bench press
  • All of the dumbbells and kettlebells you can lift
  • Rowers, ski-ergs, air bikes, concept2 bike, treadmills, versa-climber
  • Turf and sleds
  • Log and axle bar
  • Texas power bars, weightlifting bars, curl bar, hex trap bar, safety squat bar
  • Strongman tires outside for flipping and hitting
  • Battle ropes and landmine
  • Bumper plates, weightlifting plates, and steel plates

The Owners

Doug Seamans

Growing up in football and karate, Doug has been competing in sports since the age of 7. After moving to Charlotte, Doug began training in Muay Thai and boxing and fought in both disciplines. After a knee injury in Muay Thai, Doug transitioned into competitive kettlebell sport and competed in several world championships and has written several books and training programs on kettlebell sport. Now Doug competes in Olympic Weightlifting and powerlifting.

Lindsay Seamans

Also growing up in sports, Lindsay played soccer and softball. Lindsay also fought in Muay Thai and boxing and even fought for a national title in IKMF Muay Thai. After competing alongside Doug in kettlebell sport, Lindsay moved on to powerlifting and has won several nationals and has competed against the best in the world at the IPF equipped world championships. Lindsay has won Powerlifting America Equipped Nationals in both the 47kg weight class and the 52kg weight class.