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2k Rowing Program: Level One


So here you are, hoping that you can get a faster 2k row time, and wondering how. Guess what? You can and you will! And I will give you the program you need to pull a faster 2k. I believe in you and I believe in this program! If you stay dedicated, if you stay committed, if you follow this program, you will succeed and you will see a faster time!

2k Rowing Program: Level Two


This program is not for beginners, this program has been written with an intermediate level rower in mind, who has maybe taken a break for awhile and is looking to get “back on the horse.” I wrote and tested this program with myself and a few of my friends and clients after all of us had spent time with other fitness goals and several of us were looking to get a bit of our fitness and cardio back after years of focusing on strength training and weightlifting. Although we were all stronger, we were all “out of shape” and our cardio output was nowhere near what it used to be. While my focus is more on the strength and weightlifting side, and will be for the foreseeable future, once in a while I get the itch to get back into this world a bit. So that was the mindset and the thought process for writing this program. I would not recommend this program to a beginner, if you have never rowed 2km to 5km to 10km, this program will not be fun at all and could hurt you. For the beginner rower, I would recommend this 2km program here… https://amzn.to/3JagbIn


Get warmed up, stretch, and get ready to row! Let’s go!

Kettlebell Conjugate V2


This program is my brain child after completing Gregor’s original conjugate program and wanting to write a program that was more long cycle specific, and wanting to double the length of the program and add some volume. I also wanted to add in some more strength and conditioning work. All of the information in this program and it’s design, is the culmination of training under multiple coaches, competing at three IUKL world championships and multiple national championships in America and Canada as well as European championships. I am an advocate for learning from as many people as possible, and this program uses information and methods learned from not only Gregor Sobocan, but all of my coaches, as well as methods and theories developed by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell, and a few tricks we developed at our gym Pride Conditioning. I truly hope you enjoy this program and I am confident you will have “fun” with it! This program is challenging but doable, and it is great for intermediate and advanced lifters looking for a different format in their off-season training.

Squat Everyday for Kettlebell Sport


In the third book in the kettlebell sport series, “Squat Everyday for Kettlebell Sport Lifters”, Coach Doug Seamans gives you an 8 week program where you will squat six days a week. If you are looking to seriously increase your leg, back and core strength this program will help you! This program is very low volume, so while you will be squatting every day with one rest day per week, the program will not overwhelm your CNS or sabotage your kettlebell sport sets with too much volume in your accessory work. You can use this program as a two a day program (squat in the morning and do kettlebell or cardio in the afternoon) or you can use the squat session as your warmup before your kettlebell sets. And while the previous two books in the series specialized in long cycle, this program works for all kettlebell athletes from long cycle specialists to biathlon lifters, snatch only lifters, and the warriors who do all three. This is a great program to use in your “off season” between competition training.

Kettlebell Long Cycle Training

LC Cover

So much has been written about kettlebell training: for strength, for power, for speed, for weight loss, for general health and fitness, but almost nothing has been written regarding kettlebell training for sport. I have lead many new lifters to the podium for their first kettlebell sport competition and many of them left with a medal! I hope you enjoy this book and I hope you take it’s contents and use it to fuel your fire and succeed in winning your very first Long Cycle competition!

Kettlebell Long Cycle Training

KB Power2

So you have graduated from your first competition and you are either moving up a bell weight or you want to improve your numbers over your first time on the platform? I hope you followed my programming in my first book for beginner lifters and I hope the program served you well. This program is geared towards and written for those who have already competed once or twice or even a dozen times and are now ready to move up one bell weight, but this program also has a focus on a two day powerlifting split for those who do not want to drop their other lifting program for squats, deadlifts and bench press. This program will lay out an eight week program to prepare for a competition and will also show you how to keep your powerlifting programming on a two a day split. Let me restate this; in this program you will be putting in two workouts a day for six days a week. If you do not have the time or the facility or equipment to do squats, deadlifts, and bench press in the morning and then do kettlebell and other cardio in the evening then this book and this program is not for you! Better add some calories to your diet…it’s time to go to work!