5-3-1 Box Squat Program

This box squat program has worked for many of our lifters, and it will work for you! Now go get a rack of Oreos and strap your belt on and get out a box and lets squat!!!

Absolute Strength

A lot of our strength programming here at Pride is based on theories and methods from Westside Barbell and its founder Louie Simmons. As some of you may know, Lindsay’s coach is a Westside disciple and a certified Westside coach, so a lot our strength and programming knowledge flows from Westside to Lindsay’s coach to […]

Monday Motivation 137 – Throw stones! Make waves!

This week’s episode of Monday Motivation we are talking about how I influence all of you through my hard work and dedication and how that is me throwing a stone that makes ripples that end up becoming waves. I am not a gifted lifter, really, I am not that strong, and I do not have […]

Monday Motivation 136 – Corona can’t keep us down!

On this week’s Monday Motivation we are talking about this crazy world we live in right now, with COVID and this crazy election, mass unemployment, and a lot of people in need and suffering, we have to stay strong and stay positive and we have to stay dedicated to our health. Your mental health is […]

Monday Motivation 135 – Stay patient the pieces will all come together!

We have all been there, myself included, stuck on the same deadlift weight or the same clean weight for months. this week’s Monday Motivation video is all about staying patient! If you stay patient, pay attention to the details, the mechanics, your technique, get plenty of rest, stretch, and just keep showing up and keep […]

Monday Motivation 134 – Know Your Value

This Monday Motivation is for all the trainers and coaches out there! A lot of our videos span from lifter to coach to business owner and to our normal everyday clients and at home workout enthusiasts, but sometimes we make videos just for one of those groups, this is one of those videos. Lately I […]

Monday Motivation 133 – Pushing the Rock…

Not THE Rock…pushing A rock! No we aren’t talking about pushing the wrestler and actor up a hill, I don’t think he would be ok with that, no, we are talking about pushing a big rock, a boulder, up a mountain. Taking a quote from one of my favorite fitness and motivational personalities, Jacko Willnick, […]

Food Friday: Cold chicken slaw salad

During the summer we like to eat cold meals. For this week’s Food Friday Recipe, here is a great chicken salad recipe that will satisfy your cold food craving after a hot workout and has a great macro profile! Cut up all your chicken and bake at 375 for 25 to 30 minutes until done. […]

Monday Motivation 132 – It’s NEVER too late!

We have trained so many people over 40, over 50, and now several over 60. We have trained people in all these age brackets for everything from general fitness to kettlebell to powerlifting and yes even Olympic lifting! It is NEVER too late to get started. While mobility and recovery will be more difficult as […]

Monday Motivation 129 – Now more than ever…

I have taken a break from the Monday Motivaiton series for almost a month, maybe more, but I am back! It has been very tough to make these videos, I am just as busy as always, but, it has been tough to make these videos with the Covid shut down, businesses closing, people on unemployment, […]