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Pride Conditioning Charlotte has several training programs to help you achieve your goals!

Athletic Conditioning Class


Kettlebell Sport

Endurance Class

Olympic Lifting Class

Custom Programming

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Athletic Conditioning




Athletic Conditioning




Athletic Conditioning (AC)

Come be a part of the best and most affordable Strength and Conditioning program in Charlotte! Our program gets results!

In this class we use advanced techniques such as plyommetrics, isommetrics, Olympic Weight Lifting, Power lifting, Kettlebell Training, Tabata's, Intervals, Endurance, Power Endurance, kickboxing and many other techniques to give you an entire body workout that is different every time you come in. We throw in timed workouts and workout challenges so that you can track your progress and see exactly how much more fit you become month after month. We also use our own algorithm to alternate your workouts between strength, endurance, intervals, core and agility and mobility days as well as focusing on certain muscle groups. No other gym in the world uses this method!

The athletic conditioning program is where the majority of our clients spend their time until they want to specialize. All new clients start off with two weeks of fundamentals training where you will learn how to squat, deadlift, press, swing a kettlebell, row, bike, ski, and you will learn all of our body weight movements. Please scroll down to learn more about fundamentals training.

Class instructors: All coaches teach AC class on different days and times, please check the schedule page. 

Kettlebell Sport

So what is the difference between the kettlebell class and kettlebell sport? Well, in the kettlebell class we do lots of other general fitness work, deadlfits, squats, rowing, running, and lots of body weight and core exercises, and we mix up the kettlebell work with single arm and two arm work in lots of different intervals and we mix it all together with the other general fitness stuff. Now in kettlebell sport we focus on one thing, competition sets. A kettlebell sport competition set is 10:00, you can do biathlon (jerk for 10:00, then a 30:00 rest, and then a 10:00 snatch set) or long cycle (clean jerk for 10:00), or girls can lift snatch only (also a 10:00 set). Traditionally girls in Russia and Europe could only compete in one lift, snatch, and only on single arm, now most of the world has opened up female competition to long cycle and biathlon and many organizations and competitions are open to single or double bells for females (we obviously support this 100%). Our sport team travels all over the country and all over the world to compete against the best kettlebell lifters around. We are a close group and while we love the competition aspect of it all, we really enjoy meeting new friends and hanging out with all of our kettlebell friends all over the USA and the world.

Kettlebell sport requires a lot of dedication, we usually train six days a week, three days on kettlebell and three days on cardio/endurance. We also have a huge focus on mobility as being tight will restrict your ability to train and compete.

If you would like to join our kettlebell sport team please come see us! And we train kids! Yes kids! Starting at 12 we can train kids to compete in kettlebell sport and they can travel the world with us!

Coach: Doug Seamans , Lindsay Seamans, Sarah Sumner, Vann Duffie


Come join our fast growing powerlifting team! The "Rebel Powerlifting" team trains to compete in traditional powerlifting competitions (squat, bench press, deadlift). If you want to focus on raw strength, and you are willing to put in the time and effort in our program, and you want to compete, then come join our team! The team is led by coach Lindsay who does all the programming for our lifters. Lindsay uses a modified Westside conjugate program. Many of our lifters hold "Elite Status", some of them in more than one weight class, and several of them hold national records in their weight class. Powerlifting is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and our team is growing with it! Come join the rebellion!

Coach: Lindsay Seamans

Personal Training

Here at Pride Conditioning we have some amazing trainers who get their clients amazing results! Whether you're looking to lose weight, train for a competitive event, you want a more personalized plan tailored to your goals, you don't like the class type setting, or you simply want more personal attention, we can help you! We can train people one-on-one for:

  • Weight Loss
  • Endurance Events (marathon, triathlon, cycling, swimming)
  • Sports Specific Performance Training (basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, etc)
  • Pre-military and pre-police academy physical test training

We have several trainers to choose from depending on your specific goals.

Pricing for Personal Training is on our pricing page click HERE.

Custom Programming

Custom programming is a great option if you have a really strange schedule, or if you are an experienced lifter and you do not need personal training but you need a program to follow. We can program for you on-site or off-site anywhere around the world! Programs can be for many goals:

  • Power-building (you just want to get strong and look good)
  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Kettlebell Sport
  • Endurance (rowing or marathon or triathlon)

Specialty Classes


Winded after one 5:00 round of rolling?

Getting your neck crushed and bent like Gumby?

Legs fatigued halfway into training? Keep coming in third place? 

If you want to get stronger and faster, if you want to go round after round, if you want to win, you need this program! 

Regular strength and conditioning programs are not setup for BJJ and MMA fighters! Will a Crossfit style program help get you stronger and faster? Sure. But will it improve your neck strength, your grip strength, your muscle endurance, your hand eye coordination, and your balance? Not like this program will!

We have the specialty tools and techniques to take your fight game to the next level!

You will not find a program like this anywhere in North or South Carolina!

Our program was developed with elite level powerlifters based on principles from Westside barbell, and elite level BJJ fighters and Muay Thai fighters. The combination of strength and speed and endurance work will help get you on the podium.

If you want to win, come train with us! 

Day & Time:

Price: ***Special*** First 12 classes $120!!! After your first 12 classes price is $180. 12 class pass expires in 6 months.

Coach: Kamylla Lima


Our Beginner Fundamentals class is the newest and most essential class at Pride Conditioning. We focus on the importance of proper form as well as mobility in this class. Our instructors will go over how to properly perform the movements that we do routinely in all our classes, including squats, push ups, chin ups, pull ups, box jumps, wallballs, burpees and kettlebell work, as well as go over how we run classes and how we structure our workouts. This is important so that you have a great base to work from when moving up to the Athletic Conditioning class. Proper form will also help ensure you stay as injury free as possible. The Beginner Fundamentals class is also smaller in size and usually has 2 instructors to make sure everyone has the most help to succeed when moving up to the Boot Camp class!

Class Instructor: Vann Duffie


Our endurance class is very different than most classes you will find in Charlotte or anywhere near Charlotte! In our endurance class we work on not only running, but rowing, biking, balance, body weight and core strengthening and of course mobility. During the nicer weather months we meet once a week at the JCSU track for sprints and repeats, the rest of the week and most days during the winter months we are in the gym working our endurance. The endurance class at Pride Conditioning uses many different tools to push your body to it's full cardio capacity, it's max lactic acid threshold and it's VO2 max output. We have tools like the concept2 Ski-erg that most gyms in Charlotte do not have. If you want to get faster at any sport, if you want to last longer and go farther than your competitors then this is the class for you!

Class Instructors: Doug Seamans and Vincent Sullivan


Olympic Lifting class is held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9am. This class focuses on the two Olympic lifts, clean and jerk, and the snatch. We work on technique and mobility and speed, as well as accessory movements and core work, all to get you more confident and proficient at the Olympic lifts.


We are very pleased to offer our services to corporate clients, apartments and schools in the Charlotte area! Pride always welcomes partnerships with local corporations, schools and apartments to offer classes at your facility or to give your employees a discount at our facility. We have three different ways to partner up:

  1. We come to you! If you have a workout area or gym at your facility we can come to you and provide group classes for your employees, students or residents.

  2. Your people come to us at no charge to them! In this case your institution pays for their employees or students memberships here at Pride.

  3. Your people come to us for a BIG discount! In this case employees or students would come join our gym and by showing their employee or student ID card we would give them a discount on a membership with us (and your institution would reimburse us for that discount amount).

Local businesses can also benefit with a partnership with us! We like to partner with other membership based businesses such as yoga or cycling studios to offer your clients a discount with us as you offer our clients a discount at your facility.

If you are a corporation, school, or other local business and wish to partner with us for classes on site or a discount at our facility please contact us by going to our contact page CLICK HERE.