Pride: a modern strength and conditioning facility

Opened in 2009, over the past 7 years we have evolved and developed our program to give our clients the best results.

Our program focuses on:





Core Strength

The program here at Pride Conditioning uses benchmark metrics to test your progress. Every month we focus on one or two metrics. The program for the month focuses on improving your performance in those metrics. This type of programming allows our clients to be focused on one goal each month and our programming is designed to reach those goals. Over time by repeatedly working on improving these metrics you will become stronger, faster, more mobile and you will look and feel better. If you want to get better at just one thing, our program and our classes allow you to specialize in strength, endurance, or power-endurance. If you just want to get into the best shape of your life then you can follow all of our programs and get better at everything.

This isn't your typical "gym"; this is a training facility with a set program that will take your fitness to the next level! You will be instructed by knowledgable, professional, expert trainers that will keep you safe but will also push you to go harder. Our expert trainers have years of knowledge from training thousands of people and competing in competitions and races all over the world. And you will become part of our fit-family, a community our members have created that is filled with dedicated athletes and everyday people who all have the same goal, to work hard and get results!

Using technology to help you achieve your goals; we use the workout tracking app "TRAINHEROIC" to keep track of all our clients times and scores and weights on our metric tests. This technology allows our coaches and clients to see the improvements they have made in strength, speed and endurance. We also use the app to add a little friendly competition to some of our workouts so you can see where you stack up with your fellow classmates!




12 Months



12 Months



12 Sessions



12 Months



“This place has changed my life. Physically and mentally. If you want to get stronger come here, but more importantly if you want to drastically improve all aspects of your life join this gym today.”

-Google review 5 stars


I have been coming to Pride off and on for years - consistently for the past year. I kept trying other gyms and classes but there is something that keeps me coming back to Pride! The classes really challenge and push me. I have never taken the same class twice! I have really grown in strength and its also helped me set PRs in my 10ks and Half Marathons in the past year.


Naked Danielle can't thank you enough! I'm getting better and better each month, I love it. I feel better, my asthma is better, I’m just better all around. Get excited mofo!! Thanks for kicking my ass! Looking and feeling like this means the world to me! When I really get some balls I will do some bathing suit pics! I pitch boot camp to anyone that will listen, you have got an amazing thing going on, THANK YOU!


This place is no BS! No fad workouts, no magical pills, just show up, do the work and you'll look and feel great. After 4 months here, I am in the best shape I've been in since I was a young marine. I love the variety of classes they offer. There is no judgements if your out of shape, just motivation to do what your capable of and pushing you to be your best. What I most like is their dedication to form. Knowing they won't let me screw up my back in a workout is key. When your pushing yourself every day, it's key to keep healthy. All in all, I highly recommend this gym. Give it a try no matter where your at in your exercise experience and it'll pay off.


The class options are varied, which makes getting in your workouts easier. I'm not an avid athlete by any means, so having options to keep me interested is important. My favorite class is kickboxing, because who doesn't like to punch and kick stuff. With any class, I leave drenched and exhausted (like I've done something). If you're looking for a light cardio workout in a new, air-conditioned gym, this isn't it. The gym is equipped with ski and row machines, stationary bikes, kettle bells, hand weights, weight bars, jump ropes, boxing gloves and towels. You can also purchase water if you need it. There is a spot here for the most fit of warriors and the beginner (or alumni looking to get back at it). I also see couples and singles of all ages at this gym. Great little gym in the heart of Plaza Midwood behind Harris Teeter. Check it out!


Been working out in Charlotte for 10 years. I've been to at least 30 different gyms from the Y to crossfit and many places in between. I was a certified strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, and I have a degree in Sports Medicine. It took me a long time to find Pride Conditioning, but I'm never leaving. The place is low maintenance. It's not a spa, it's a gym. You pull right up to a parking spot, you walk in, throw down your stuff, and you make the magic happen. It's the best of both worlds- motivation of a group, but lots of personal attention. Creative workouts including everything from tractor tires, sledge hammers, gymnastic rings, speed ladders, medicine balls, and of course the basics. You work hard and you go home having accomplished something you never knew you could do. That's it. It's a no BS atmosphere where you come as you are and you meet cool people because those are the kind of people that appreciate a place like this. The owners are good solid people who love what they do, lead by example, and are extremely knowledgeable. Pride is not a fad. It's functional fitness (Added Bonus: colorful commentary from Doug and pretty killer tunes).



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