Monday Motivation 46 – Specialize to Become Great

This week we are talking about specializing. This is a continuation of the MM video from two weeks ago when I was talking about not trying to be something you’re not, by focusing on your strengths and using them to help propel your success. If you missed that MM video here is the blog link…

2018 Is Your Year to Crush Your Goals – Monday Motivation 21

WE ARE GOING HARD IN 2018!!! ZERO DAYS OFF!!! Here we are, three weeks in to 2018, and I am going to ask you some important questions; are you on the path to achieving your goals this year, are you crushing it, do you have your goals written down, do you have a coach, are […]

South Korea was amazing!

First and foremost, huge thanks to everyone who donated a couple dollars and ordered shirts to help me out on this trip, seriously without all of you this trip would not have happened. Big thanks to Lindsay and Vann and Sara and everyone else who helped out at the gym! Knowing the gym was running […]

AC workout for 12-7-2016

Warm up: 10 squats, jump squats, push ups, squat thrust  6 Rounds  10 Strict press  15 GHD sit-up  5/5 Single arm kettlebell overhead squat 250m Row  Finish: 20/10×10 high plank 

Workout 12-1-2016

Warm-up: 25 SST Pull-ups x2 sets to failure 1:00/:20 x4 STATIC Burpees Spin bike HKJR Oblique twist Pull-ups x2 sets to failure

Redline & Homework 11-3-2016

Warm-up: 1:00, x2: jump rope, squats, lunges X3: 30 cal row (hw: 30 Burpees) 30 KB Swings 30 skaters Rest :30 X4: 5 push-ups 10 cal ski (hw: 10 lunges) 15 squat thrust 20 jump squats for height Rest :30 Finish: abs

Workout 11-2-2016

Warm-up: 1:00 each, x2: Squats, Burpees, Inch Worm Mobility: 1:00 each, x1: Look at my hands, OH Pipe Squat, T & W on Ball x5: 10 Double KB Push Press 10 sets Block Pass Crunch 5/5 DB Snatch 10 Knees to Elbow 200m ski Finish: 100 ABMAT sit-ups

Homework 10-18-2016

30/15 6 rounds   Squats Hindu push ups Bicycles Lunges Squat thrust jumps

Homework 10-13-16

X5: 20 squats 20 push-ups 20 squats thrusts 20 v crunches Finish: 10 minutes stretching