New Olifting Programs…

Coach Doug has added three new Olympic Weightlifting programs to the TrainHeroic marketplace. Now you can train with Pride anywhere in the world! Part 1,”Spring Fling” is where we have some “fun” and start building the volume! This is a 6 week block, and is part 1 of a 5 part block. Our next block, […]

Hoodie Pre-order

It’s cold out! Time to order some new hoodies! Orders due 12/20

Learning to how to Train…

If you have been training with us for over a year, you have probably noticed that after your first few weeks here we are fairly hands off as far as coaching goes. We may watch your individual lifts and make sure you are hitting depth, or bracing properly, or your stance is correct, or just […]

Monday Motivation 133 – Pushing the Rock…

Not THE Rock…pushing A rock! No we aren’t talking about pushing the wrestler and actor up a hill, I don’t think he would be ok with that, no, we are talking about pushing a big rock, a boulder, up a mountain. Taking a quote from one of my favorite fitness and motivational personalities, Jacko Willnick, […]

Monday Motivation 132 – It’s NEVER too late!

We have trained so many people over 40, over 50, and now several over 60. We have trained people in all these age brackets for everything from general fitness to kettlebell to powerlifting and yes even Olympic lifting! It is NEVER too late to get started. While mobility and recovery will be more difficult as […]

Monday Motivation 129 – Now more than ever…

I have taken a break from the Monday Motivaiton series for almost a month, maybe more, but I am back! It has been very tough to make these videos, I am just as busy as always, but, it has been tough to make these videos with the Covid shut down, businesses closing, people on unemployment, […]

How to Increase Confidence…Embrace the Suck

In this week’s Monday Motivation, we are talking about testing yourself and going through the really hard challenges to increase your confidence on the easier challenges. Going through challenges like a 50 cal bike test, makes a 10 cal bike round in a workout seem easy because you’ve gone through so much harder. Going through […]

Are you learning, or repeating, or innovating, or just bullshitting?

Lindsay and I are huge on networking. Well, we are an we aren’t! We are not really able to get out of the gym much and we do a lot of networking through social media. This is one of the things I love about social media, the ability to reach out to other fitness and […]

Monday Motivation 46 – Specialize to Become Great

This week we are talking about specializing. This is a continuation of the MM video from two weeks ago when I was talking about not trying to be something you’re not, by focusing on your strengths and using them to help propel your success. If you missed that MM video here is the blog link…

2018 Is Your Year to Crush Your Goals – Monday Motivation 21

WE ARE GOING HARD IN 2018!!! ZERO DAYS OFF!!! Here we are, three weeks in to 2018, and I am going to ask you some important questions; are you on the path to achieving your goals this year, are you crushing it, do you have your goals written down, do you have a coach, are […]