You might notice that this is our very first blog post on the new website. Earlier this year (2022), our server which held seven of our business and personal websites, was infected with malware and it spread through all of our websites. Pride, Screen Printing, BFR, as well as our personal blog websites and Lindsay’s design portfolio website, we had to completely delete all these websites and their data. This was a massive loss for us. We have spent over a decade building the Pride website! We could have paid to have the server and websites cleaned but the cost close to $2,000 and we decided to just start over.

So this is our first blog post on the brand new Pride website. And we thought that our first post would be great to put back up one of our number one most visited posts from the old site, our free box squat program!

We have always given away this program for free because it is based on a deadlift program from Westside that was also free. We made just a couple of small tweaks to the overall program and some of the percentages, but for the most part it is the same program just just adapted to box squats. One of our first coaches, Scott Shetler, coached me in kettlebell sport and coached Lindsay in powerlifting, is a huge Westside fan and trained with Louie several times at Westside in Ohio. Scott has shared a ton of information with us as he learned it through Louie’s books and directly from Louie himself. Louie was very big on giving information and help for free as long as the person was willing to accept that information and use it to work hard and get stronger. We wanted to continue that with this program, and so, we give you this box squat program for free.

Every single person in our gym that we have put on this program has hit a PR. We don’t have a ton of feedback from people who downloaded the program from our previous website that do not workout here at Pride. We have heard some people who have had to drop the percentages just a tiny bit because they just haven’t been squatting that heavy recently in their training, but we do know that overall every person that has completed this program has had success.

So, get a box, load your bar, and go get to work!

*Just click on it and it will open in your browser, you can download from there.*


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