Athletic ConditioningHalloween Horror 2016

Workout for 10-3-2016

So this year for Halloween Horror we are again doing class vs class. But we are also doing extra individual challenges.  Scores for each class will be done on an average (total class points divided by number of people in the class). So bust your ass to make sure your class time wins! And there will be extra points opportunities for the individual competition! 
Warm up: 20 arm circles , 20 squats, 20 push ups, 50 jumping jacks, 300m run

8 rounds (workout is not part of competition so take your time):

  • 10 close grip DB chest press
  • 5 pull ups ***you get one foot mark on our freshly painted wall and your instructor will put a foot mark on your ass!!!
  • 5 slurpees
  • 50 bicycles

Finish: This is your first challenge! PLANK! Since all the previous years the plank challenge has gone over an hour and not everyone…instructors included…have that kind of time, this year plank is just 0:30 elbows and :30 high plank. No side plank. Each :30 will be worth 100 points. 

Extra individual points: max reps bench press guys 135 ladies 75 and after that you have 3:00 to row as many calories as possible. Scores will be determined by multiplying your bench press reps times your row calories. 


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