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What’s next?!


All of the people finishing out the 12 week strength program are putting up some INCREDIBLE numbers on their one rep maxes! While some of you want to go into a “cutting phase” to get in better physical appearance for summer, we have got you covered, simply get your asses back into Boot Camp and spend some extra time on the rower or running! At the same time some of you on the current program are wondering what to do next and you want to continue with the strength training, so, we are currently working with one of our good friends who is a powerlifting and kettlebell coach on plans for the next strength program! We must build it so that people who did NOT do the previous program can jump in on this one and so that the people coming off the current program can continue in their strength gains. We will most likely be including teaching everyone how to do proper box squats to build serious strength in your squats and we may be working with bands and/or chains for your deadlifts and bench press. If you are going to cut for summer just get back into class, if you want to continue on to the next program you need to “de-load” for two weeks and step back from the squat rack so you also need to get back into class and just have some fun for a couple weeks. The next strength program will not start until May. If you missed out on the current program just stick around and pay attention for the start of the next one!

We are looking forward to posting everyone’s increases next week after this week’s one rep max lifts! So get in here and lift big!

While we are developing the next phase of the program, here is a nice little article from Westside Barbell on how to do a proper box squat, check it out…

Thanks everybody!

Doug, Lindsay, Matt, Vincent, Ryan and welcome back to the family Jenn Broome!

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