Boot Camp Success Stories

Weight and fat loss for May

All of my Boot Camp Soldiers have worked their asses off the past month and I would like to congratulate each and every one of them!

Here are the numbers for May…

  • Mark – dropped 12 pounds
  • Mike – lost one pound and 2.4% body fat
  • Lori – burned off 5.3% body fat
  • Holt – melted 1.6% body fat
  • Vanessa – lost 1.4 pounds and 2.50% body fat
  • Brennan – down a huge 4.10% body fat
  • Shannon – still losing more…lost one pound and 3.30% body fat
  • Kat – got rid of 2.60% body fat

Winners for this month are Mark for dropping 12 pounds and Brennan for slimming down by burning off 4.10% body fat!

I am proud of all my people and send a huge congratulations to the winners for May!

This is what hard work and dedication get you – RESULTS!


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