We were all newbies once…even me!

Believe it or not, I did not always look the way I do now!

Some of you may have seen an old picture of me on the site or on Facebook so you know, and some of you actually knew me back in the day.

The old me...

But some of you are new to our programs and to PRIDE Conditioning and you see me and how I look now, swinging huge kettlebells, throwing around big weights, doing insane cardio and core work, running 10k’s and doing chin ups effortlessly…but I was a newbie once too! I use to be able to do just a couple chin ups, my push ups were terrible, my form on everything was terrible, I couldn’t run half a mile or hold a plank for more than 30 seconds, I couldn’t swing a kettlebell for more than 10 reps; I was slob compared to the man you see now!

We have quite a few people here that have lost a lot of weight, like Shannon who has lost close to 100 pounds, and people who beast through workouts like Christine, Stacia, Kristin, Crystal, Charlie, Jeff and Christina, but they all started at the beginning too! Even Lindsay was a newbie once!

My point is, everyone was a newbie once, even me! I want you to look up to the me, to the athletes in your class, to Lindsay, and know that all it takes is hard work and dedication! You’ll get there someday, and while we give you the workouts and a little motivation, you’re the one who has to put in the work to get to the next level. Also remember that there will always be someone faster or stronger or better than you, so you need to constantly be setting new goals and reaching for greatness everyday and through every workout. Giving up is not an option, the only option is moving ahead, getting better, stronger, faster!

To all the newbies, we believe in you, and you can become beast athletes too! Now get to work!

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