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“Ultimate Ski-erg Team Relay Challenge”
  • Teams of 3 relay race to 21,097 meters! (FYI this distance is a half marathon)
  • Sign up sheet will be posted in the gym this week.
  • Three teams will go head to head at 10am, Followed by the next three teams at 11:30am. If we have more than six teams a third heat will run at 12pm.
  • $50 CASH prize for each person on the winning team, 2nd place team wins Mechanix gloves, 3rd place team wins speed ropes!
  • Sign up sheet will be posted in the gym or if you are bringing a team from outside Pride just comment below and we will put you on the list
  • 10am time slot is already full! there are two slots open at 11:30am.
  • Doug, Vincent and Ryan will be on a team and not eligible for prizes, so it will be the Pride Trainers versus everyone!





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