Training in 4D

I’m writing this while sitting on the plane on our way to California. On a side note I love technology and how I can write a Blog post on my phone while I have the idea fresh in my head.

And right now I’m thinking about talking more and more frequently about a theory or shall I say “method” of training and eating, really about how Lindsay and I live and eat and train. This way of living and training and eating is what I am calling “Training in 4D”. And now I’m thinking about that Bestbuy commercial where the guy gets his 3D TV delivered and on the side of the delivery truck it says “coming soon…4D TV!” and the girl running around in the front yard says “you got the wrong TV stupid head”.

But seriously, what am I talking about? Training in 4D? This is how you achieve success in your training. I’m talking about seeing serious results and changing the way you view training and possibly how you view your life in general.

The 4D is for four dimensions. While the human mind cannot comprehend seeing art or design in 4 dimensions you sure as hell can live and train in 4 dimensions, just like Lindsay and I do.

The 4 dimensions are: Diet, Exercise, Consistency and Intensity. In order for you to truly achieve success in your training you need train and live in all 4 dimensions. If you are missing one or two of these dimensions you may see a little success but when you strive for all 4, then you will see amazing and drastic results!

We have seen many clients who have completely changed their lives, lost tons of weight and gotten stronger, faster and have achieved physical feats they thought would never be possible for them before they trained at PRIDE under Lindsay and I. Those people that have gotten to that level did it by eating right all the time, training with us, coming in almost everyday and getting in workouts on their days off from us and by giving all they’ve got, lifting as heavy as they could and moving as fast as they could during each workout. This is what training in 4D is all about! These success stories belong to those that are dedicated to all 4 dimensions!

We have also seen many clients who continue to ignore their diet, giving in to weakness, drinking, skipping workouts for a plethora of terrible excuses and worse than all of that, coming in and not giving their all during workouts, being scared of the weights or simply not pushing themselves. These are the clients who only see minimal results but never achieve the true success they were after in the first place.

Dedication to all four dimensions and bringing that dedication and that burning fire is how you can achieve amazing and astounding success in your training.

While Lindsay and I have a passion for training and eating right that borders on obsession…even insanity…we want you to have that passion as well! We are here for you, to help you, to motivate you and to give you all the tools you need to mold a new you. Our passion is taking us to plan our workouts while we are on this trip to California, even going to visit and train with some very famous people in the martial arts world. While our excitement for training is well beyond most normal people, we love what we do; we love to train and we love training all of you!

I will be talking more and hopefully more frequently about training in 4D and I will be talking about each dimension in detail. I hope everyone has a great weekend while we are gone and I hope to see everyone bringing some of that fourth dimension…intensity…when I return! Get fired up people! We’ll be back Monday, see you then!

Chest Press Burnout at PRIDE Conditioning
Chest Press Burnout at PRIDE Conditioning


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