Our coaches and trainers have over 30 years combined experience, training over 1,000 clients to reach their goals! And we will push you to achieve all your goals!

Doug Seamans

Doug is a certified personal trainer and started PRIDE Conditioning in 2009. Doug has been involved in Martial Arts and strength training since an early age, taking traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu karate from 1987-1996, receiving a brown belt second degree under Shihan Johnny Owens in NY and strength training at various facilities. More recently, Doug trained in Muay Thai, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts through Charlotte Boxing Academy and through Dick Harrell Martial Arts. Doug has competed in Amateur Boxing and Muay Thai. Doug also trains for short endurance races and indoor rowing events but is now mostly dedicated to kettlebell sport training and Olympic Lifting, and of course coaching. Doug enjoys pushing his clients and athletes very hard, so if you are in need of a serious workout, please come see him!

      • USAPL certified coach
      • USAW Level One certified coach
      • WKC certified "Combat Athlete Specialist", teaching the WKC's strength and conditioning program for boxers, Thai boxers, MMA fighters and grapplers
      • WKC certified Kettlebell "Fitness Trainer"
      • IUKL certified judge
      • RGSI Certified Coach by Igor Morozov
      • 2nd place finish in 20kg Long Cycle at the 2013 ATC Kettlebell Throwdown in June of 2013.
      • 3rd place finish in 24kg Long Cycle at the Georgia State Kettlebell Lifting Championships in 2013.
      • 2nd place finish in 24kg Long Cycle at the West Coast Classic Kettlebell Championships in San Francisco in 2014.
      • 1st Place, 28kg Long Cycle, AKA National Championships, August 2014 (American Record, 54 reps, 85kg weight class)
      • 1st Place,24kg Long Cycle, European Open Championships, Saint Petersburg Russia, May 2015.
      • 2nd Place,24kg Long Cycle, AKA Nationals, August 2015.
      • 5th Place,24kg, IUKL World Championships, Dublin Ireland, 2015.
      • 3rd Place,24kg, IUKL World Championships, Aktobe Kazakhstan, 2016.
      • 2nd Place, 24kg, IUKL World Championships, Seoul South Korea, 2017.
      • 1st Place, 32kg, AKA Nationals, 2018.
      • 1st Place, 32kg CKA Canadian Nationals, Edmonton Canada, 2018.

Founding member of the American Kettlebell Lifters Union...AKLU with the goal of giving a voice to all kettlebell sport lifters.

Doug is an expert kettlebell sport coach and programs for many athletes across the country, and also coaches powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. Doug has also trained motorsports athletes from dirt track to NASCAR drivers and pit crew.

Read more about Doug's amazing transformation from 269 pounds and almost 30% body fat to a lean and cut 190 pounds and 7% body fat on the testimonials page!

Doug Seamans Kettlebell
Lindsay Seamans Powerlifting

Lindsay Seamans

Lindsay Seamans runs our interval portion of the Athletic Conditioning Classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and coaches the Powerlifting team. Not only can she lift heavy weights, she also completed her Level III Apprentice Instructor certification test under Ajarn Dick Harrell and the Thai Boxing Association of the USA in August of 2013. Lindsay has competed as an amateur kickboxer and as a Kettlebell Sport lifter before making the switch to Powerlifting in 2016.

  • Kettlebell Rankings under AKA guidelines: Rank 1 long cycle, Rank 2 Biathlon, Rank 2 Snatch only
  • Elite Rank, 365 Strong Powerlifting Federation: Squat, Deadlift AND Total in Raw Classic at 52kg class
  • Elite Rank, 365 Strong Powerlifting Federation: Squat, Deadlift AND Total in Single Ply at 52kg class
  • Elite Rank, USAPL, total, single ply, 47kg class
  • 2nd place, USAPL equipped nationals 2021, ranked 14th overall in the USA

As an instructor, Lindsay will push you to your limit, but will make sure you have fun while doing it! Her classes are fun and challenging, and wants only to help everyone in her class succeed in obtaining their fitness goals! Powerlifting is done on an individual basis - if you are interested, please contact us directly.

Lindsay programs for many powerlifters using a modified Westside Conjugate methodology. If you want to get strong or compete in powerlifting please come talk to us and coach Lindsay!

Vincent Sullivan

Vincent is our resident Endurance Coach and our most successful endurance sports client. Vincent will be certified as a Concept2 Rowing Coach & Instructor in July of 2016. Vincent's experience comes from practice, not just the classroom or some weekend 12 hour certification, Vincent has competed in the following events:

  • Escape from Alacatraz Triathlon
  • Tune Run 200 mile relay race
  • Cohasset Triathlon (Boston, MA) - 3 years in a row
  • "Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie" - 50 Mile Ultra Marathon - 2 years in a row - placing in the top 10 in 2014
  • Every distance Spartan obstacle race and two Tough Mudders
  • WWC 50 mile trail race 2015
  • Thunder Road marathon 2015 (one week after the WWC 50 mile!)
  • Completed "Keys 100" Ultra marathon 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West!

Vincent is full of energy and is always fun to train with! While Vincent is usually the funniest, nicest guy in the room, when he is coaching you he will push to your limits! Come train with Vincent and he bring your endurance to the next level!

Sumner Bodywork

Sara Sumner

Sarah is our resident massage therapist, but she is also one of our coaches. Sarah has a Crossfit level 1 certification and enjoys training people on strength, olympic lifting and mobility.


Kris Fernando

Kris has a Crossfit level 1 certification and enjoys training people on strength, olympic lifting and mobility. Kris is also an amazing skateboarder and snowboarder!


Andre Miguel

Coming to us from Brazil, after a couple of years in New Jersey, Andre is our boxing coach. Andre specializes in beginners and kids but has coached many fighters. Andre also speaks Spanish and Portuguese.


Andre Miguel Boxing Coach