The Same Old Thing…WORKS!

Many people both newbie and veteran working out with us needs to understand that all your exercises, both simple and advanced are based off of about six basic functional movements. Most of the movements or exercises we do are very basic, they are basic but we do these same basic exercises over and over over for a very good reason…THEY WORK! There is nothing “new” in the world of exercise and training, everything that lays claim to being “new” is really just an updated version of something old and it has been this way for about 50 years.

In this gym you will do lot, and I seriously mean a LOT of squats, deadlifts, push ups, pull ups and chin ups, shoulder and chest presses, rows, and step ups or box jumps. You see, all your exercise are based on these same basic movements. We do them over and over and over because they work!

There are front squats, back squats, overhead squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Jump Squats, Lunges, Walking Lunges, Reverse Lunges, Box Steps and Box Jumps and all of them are based on one single functional movement, the squat. And while I would love, truly love to be able to give everyone the opportunity to learn how to overhead squats, front squats and split squats, with the bar, you need to be able to master the simple and basic movement of the squat, without weight, before I give you weight and/or the bar or before we move you on to the “cool” or “fun” movements. There are some “fun” and very cool exercises I can write up on the board, but unless you can get full range of motion, with, a straight spine, weight on your heels, ass almost to the floor, a PERFECT squat, then you cannot progress onto the “cool” or “fun” or “new” exercises. You need to master the basics first! in other words, you need to crawl before you can walk. It is the same for Push Ups, which are nothing more than a variation of the Chest Press; before you can do Burpee-Pull Ups or Burpee-Box Jumps, you need to master the basic Push Up, you need to be able to bend your arms with a perfectly straight spine and torso and touch your nose to the floor and push back up before you move on to the cool stuff. We do these basic movements because they work and they have been proven to work to develop muscle (which in turn burns fat) and to develop your core strength.

When I hear people say that they can’t squat passed 90 degrees or that they can’t bend their elbows to 90 degrees on dips or that they can’t fully extend their arms and then pull themselves up to get their chin above the chin up bar, or they can’t touch their nose to the floor on a push up or drop their knee to the floor on a lunge, this upsets me. Every single one of you are fully capable of squatting passed 90 degrees, touching your nose to the floor on a push up and doing a correct chin up. The inability or aversion to mastering the basic movements that all of our exercises are based on is entirely mental, flexibility does play a small role but not enough to stop you from mastering the basic movements within one or two practice sessions. Mentally, many of you are not allowing your body to move in a full range of motion. Many of you refuse to push your body through a small amount of pain and discomfort because it is “hard”. Many of you also are not practicing these movements at home, truly challenging yourself to get these movements right so that you can become stronger, lift more, move faster and get the greatest benefit you can out of every single rep, exercise and workout here at PRIDE. If you are having any trouble with a movement or exercise please ask us for help so you can master it so you can move on to the next challenge. Do not be afraid of success and do not let a little pain prevent you from getting better, remember, PAIN IS TEMPORARY! Seriously though, if you need help please ask for it, get some personal training sessions or come in for open gym time on Saturday to work on your deficiencies. Your success is our success and we want you to get the most you can out of every workout so you get results!

Lindsay and I (and many of our advanced athletes) do squats, deadlifts, chest presses, shoulder presses, pull ups and chin ups and rows, in various forms, TWICE per week, that is how we obtained and maintain the physique we both have. We do the same basic movements multiple times per week, maybe we do them in a couple different variations but when you boil it down, we are really doing the same basic six movements, week after week, month after month, always trying to lift more or move faster or get more reps. But we do them over and over and over again because they work. Consistency, dedication and intensity.

In this gym you will also do a lot of kettlebell work, a LOT. Kettlebell work takes cardio endurance, muscle endurance, strength and conditioning, resistance training and functional movement and combines them all together and this combination is proven to increase strength and endurance and to burn a ton of calories. I do not believe that kettlebells are the “end all, be all” answer to exercise, just like anything else in life you cannot be close minded, you need to be open to different ways of achieving your goals. BUT, kettlebells, when added to a regular routine, will get you amazing results. Many people do not like to use kettlebells for two reasons; they don’t know how to use them and using them is hard work. You have 3 instructors who have years of training experience with kettlebells and 2 are certified to instruct you how to use them, so if you do not like using kettlebells then there is probably only one reason why, because using them is hard work. This is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. I won’t argue that using them is hard work, but you can’t argue that using them works.

To wrap this all up, we wish nothing but success for all of our clients, we truly love all of you and your success is by far the greatest thing in the world to us and makes us happier than you could ever know, but success is dependent on you! You need to have a good diet, dedication to working out and your diet, consistency in working out and in your diet and you need to bring intensity into your workouts. If you are missing even one of those key factors you will not succeed. We have helped hundreds of people lose weight and we have even helped people lose 100 pounds and more, but they were only able to do this by following every single instruction we gave them, training and dieting with consistency, dedication and intensity and working their asses off. There are many people in all of our classes who have achieved great success with our help, watch them and how they workout, how they struggle always pushing themselves harder, faster, to pick up heavier weight, to swing bigger kettlebells, to do better than they did last week and to execute the movements and exercises we give them exactly how they should be done, week after week, month after month, always trying to improve and get stronger and faster, watch these people and try to be just like them and you will see the same type of success that they have achieved through their hard work. So, do not hate or complain about doing the same old exercises, challenge yourself to do them better, faster or with more weight!

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