The Downward Spiral

Written by Doug Seamans

I have a lot of clients, some work their asses off and do it day after day, a lot come in a few days a week and put in good work, but I have a few who miss lots of days, they miss lots of workouts, due to “illness”. Now, if you’re one of those people, even if you are not a client of mine, you live somewhere on this planet and you’re reading this and it sounds like you, you always seem to be shaking off some cold, some cough, every other day you have a headache, your back hurts, you just don’t feel well, for all of you who fall into this description, if this sounds like you, this article may sound rough and rude.

You see, I believe that people who are constantly sick have several problems; poor diet, poor sleep patterns, and mental weakness as well as low ambition to reach their goals. All of these problems create a downward spiral that is tough to get out of, notice I said “tough”, I did not say “impossible”. Nothing is impossible and every person on this planet has the ability to change their life and reach their goals, it just depends on how bad you want it.

All of the elements of the physical downward spiral that prevents people from reaching their fitness and weight loss goals (and any life goals really), they all go hand in hand, feeding the next element. People in this spiral cannot get rid of just one element, they must get rid of them all, they must change their life completely, and they may involve burning bridges socially and within their own family, this is of course scary and most people will never grow up, toughen up and do what it takes to change their life.

Poor diet and poor sleep patterns will always haunt any progress in the gym and they are tell tale signs of someone who is not focused on their goals, people who stay up watching tv and playing video games until 3 in the morning…while eating bags of chitos and drinking soda and sweet tea. All of these problems will inevitably lead to sickness, as the body is not resting properly on a good sleep schedule and on top of that it does not have the proper fuel, vitamins and nutrients to fight off attacks on the immune system. Both of these problems are easy to fix, go to bed at a decent time and eat a proper diet of whole foods (not packaged and processed, no soda or sugary drinks and absolutely no fast food). Easier said than done you say? Bullshit. If you really want to lose weight and stop being sick all the time then you’ll make the changes.

The last two elements are a bit tougher to fix and get rid of though, being mentally weak and having low ambition is a personality and character flaw that is part of you and your mental state and your subconscious. Notice I still did not say it was impossible to fix! I use to be a very loud, outspoken, rude and arrogant young man, over time I have learned to control those character flaws to the best of my ability. I used to be fairly lazy myself, until I realized that I would never reach any of my personal, financial or physical goals without changing how I go through life. Going through life moving slowly, being lazy, not working towards your goals day after day is a waste of life. How can you change this? Get off your ass! Make a list of your goals and make a plan to get there, and seek help from a trainer or coach. How does being lazy and mentally weak relate to being sick all the time? Because you’re not really sick! What you think is a sniffle, a cough, a headache, is nothing more than an excuse for you to sit and do nothing instead going out, working your ass off and getting one step closer to your goal. Are you really that sick? Right now there are people far sicker than you, people with terminal illnesses, people missing limbs from war, those people are out working their asses off, letting nothing stand in their way. Want a good way to track your progress…or lack there of? Make a goal to workout 5 days a week (yes 5, not 2 or 3, that won’t get you shit), now, hang a calendar on the wall and mark off every day that you workout…or…mark off every day that you don’t workout because “you don’t feel well”. If you marked off more than 2 days a week that you did not feel well, you need to look at the four elements of the downward spiral of sickness that is stopping you from reaching your goals, I guarantee you that you are suffering from all four.

Want to end the downward spiral? Want to reach your goals? Eat right, sleep right, get your mind right and focus on your goals and quit being weak minded!

Thanks for reading, I know this was long!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free post them!


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