The Ultimate Testimonial – Doug’s Story

It is hard for many of my clients to believe that I did not always look the way I do, that I was at one time, well, fat. There, I said it, I was fat. I carried it well though and I wasn’t enormous, I was just big. I’m 6 foot 4 so it’s easier to hide weight than someone who is 6 inches shorter. When I started training in MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing and also working out in the gym 6 days a week in March of 2008 I weighed 269 pounds and was around 29-31% body fat. GROSS!

I was in the gym so much I decided to become a Personal Trainer and start helping others lose weight. I had been training for about a year before I decided to start what has become the best Boot Camp and weight and fat loss program in the Charlotte area. When I first started our Boot Camps I weighed 245 pounds and my body fat was at 25%. STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

I was still working out like most guys do, lifting weights, thinking that I would magically get in amazing shape by doing simple weight lifting exercises, the old school way. My MMA and Muay Thai training was progressing and I thought it was taking care of the cardio I needed to lose more fat, but I was wrong. I was stuck at 245 pounds and 25% body fat. My workouts were not getting me results. UNACCEPTABLE!

So I redesigned my workouts and used this knowledge to give my Boot Camp clients amazing workouts that got amazing results! No more old school, no more doing simple weight lifting exercises and cardio separate. These new workouts have been developed into the best muscle building, weight and fat loss workouts you will ever come across! Using muli-joint exercises, plyommetrics, kettlebells and adding lots of body weight and cardio exercises to our workouts, we now have a proven way of getting serious results. After developing our amazing workouts I was seeing results, I weighed 220 pounds and I was at 15% body fat, but I wanted more. So we also developed a tried and tested meal plan and a new eating lifestyle that goes hand in hand with our workouts and is guaranteed to shed fat. It worked for me and it can work for you!

I now weigh 190 pounds and I finally achieved a long-time goal of single digit body fat usually reading between 7 and 9%! It’s hard to believe how big I use to be but it’s the truth, I use to be fat but now I have the body I’ve always wanted and I feel great!

And my new goal is to share with all of you how I was able to get where I am today. I promise you that it is possible to go from fat to fit and anyone can do it! Over the past 8 years we have developed an algorithm that no other gym in the world uses! Our schedule helps us design workouts using different formats and targeting different muscle groups and allows us to use different tempos and modalities which give our clients varied workouts that are planned not just thrown together. Our program is not a guess where we just pick a few exercises and throw in some weights and some cardio, no, we have developed a system that when coupled with proper nutrition will get you results as long as you are dedicated to the program and your nutrition.

PRIDE Conditioning gets results and I am living proof! Come train with a coach who knows the struggles of weight loss and has successfully gone from fat-ass to bad-ass and can show you how to do it! No gimmicks, no magical pills, no body shaping corsets, no flat tummy tea, just hard work and clean eating!

Doug Seamans - 190 pounds - 5% Body Fat

Doug Seamans – 190 pounds – 5% Body Fat

Doug Seamans - 190 pounds - 5% Body Fat

Doug Seamans – 190 pounds – 5% Body Fat



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Tony: This place is no BS! No fad workouts, no magical pills, just show up, do the work and you’ll look and feel great. After 4 months here, I am in the best shape I’ve been in since I was a young marine. I love the variety of classes they offer. There is no judgements if your out of shape, just motivation to do what your capable of and pushing you to be your best. What I most like is their dedication to form. Knowing they won’t let me screw up my back in a workout is key. When your pushing yourself every day, it’s key to keep healthy. All in all, I highly recommend this gym. Give it a try no matter where your at in your exercise experience and it’ll pay off.

Amy: I’ve tried CrossFit in the past and loved it. When I moved away, I lost quite a bit of ground with my fitness (not that it was all that great to begin with). So I shopped around and found that PRIDE is very similar, with a focus on Athletic Conditioning. For less of the cost, I feel that I’m getting a “CrossFit” experience. I would recommend signing up for a year to get the best price/month. The class options are varied, which makes getting in your workouts easier. I’m not an avid athlete by any means, so having options to keep me interested is important. My favorite class is kickboxing, because who doesn’t like to punch and kick stuff. With any class, I leave drenched and exhausted (like I’ve done something). If you’re looking for a light cardio workout in a new, air-conditioned gym, this isn’t it. The gym is equipped with ski and row machines, stationary bikes, kettle bells, hand weights, weight bars, jump ropes, boxing gloves and towels. You can also purchase water if you need it. There is a spot here for the most fit of warriors and the beginner (or alumni looking to get back at it). I also see couples and singles of all ages at this gym. Great little gym in the heart of Plaza Midwood behind Harris Teeter. Check it out!

Shira: Been working out in Charlotte for 10 years. I’ve been to at least 30 different gyms from the Y to crossfit and many places in between. I was a certified strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, and I have a degree in Sports Medicine. It took me a long time to find Pride Conditioning, but I’m never leaving. The place is low maintenance. It’s not a spa, it’s a gym. You pull right up to a parking spot, you walk in, throw down your stuff, and you make the magic happen. It’s the best of both worlds- motivation of a group, but lots of personal attention. Creative workouts including everything from tractor tires, sledge hammers, gymnastic rings, speed ladders, medicine balls, and of course the basics. You work hard and you go home having accomplished something you never knew you could do. That’s it. It’s a no BS atmosphere where you come as you are and you meet cool people because those are the kind of people that appreciate a place like this. The owners are good solid people who love what they do, lead by example, and are extremely knowledgeable. Pride is not a fad. It’s functional fitness (Added Bonus: colorful commentary from Doug and pretty killer tunes).
Becky: I have been coming to Pride off and on for years – consistently for the past year. I kept trying other gyms and classes but there is something that keeps me coming back to Pride! The classes really challenge and push me. I have never taken the same class twice! I have really grown in strength and its also helped me set PRs in my 10ks and Half Marathons in the past year.
A Google User: I love this place!!! I’ve lost near 20% body fat and I love the environment! If you are serious about losing weight and won’t give up, this is the place for you!!!!
A Google User: My husband and I signed up for boot camp in November of 2010. We thought we would just go for one month to get back on track, and have now been attending classes for over a year!!! By far the BEST boot camp in town!!!

Client Testimonials


Turning 40 can make you look hard at your life. Generally I was satisfied, but I was tired of being overweight. My wife took me to Las Vegas for my birthday and we had a great time, but as usual I cringed at all the pictures. I decided if I wasn’t going to do something about it at 40, I better be prepared to be overweight the rest of my life. So with new determination I started putting together a plan to get into shape. After so many previous attempts, I knew what didn’t work. I knew having a treadmill and a Bowflex in the house wasn’t going to help. I knew having a regular gym membership wasn’t going to do it. I knew eating less wasn’t going to do it on its own. What I needed was something to keep me honest, keep me motivated. I thought having a personal trainer to stand over me and make sure I worked hard would help – but I was concerned I would get bored of the routines and stop showing up. I was looking for something different and that was when I found Pride Conditioning’s website. Watching the videos of people at the Boot Camp class made it look both tough and fun, and I thought that working out with a group of people would keep it interesting and keep me motivated. Fortunately they were less than a mile from my house so I paid them a visit and signed up.

That was a year ago and what a year it has been. You can see the pictures and see the improvement, but here are the stats:

  • 55 pounds gone
  • Body fat dropped from about 32% to 8-9%
  • My doctor wanted to put me on meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but both are now normal due entirely to diet and exercise
  • My resting heart rate is 40
  • Pants, old: 36-38, new: 30-31
  • Shirts, old: L/XL, new: S/M

Like I hoped, the Boot Camp classes are motivating and challenging. Sure, I cringe when I come in and see that burpees are on the menu; but from swinging kettlebells to swinging sledgehammers, Boot Camp keeps the routines interesting and has shown me that fitness can be fun and not monotonous.

When I started at Pride, the ½ mile beginner warmup runs exhausted me, now I regularly run 10-20 miles a week and ran my first half marathon last month in 1:47:00! I run with Pride’s Special Ops running group with Coach Mackenzie Wartenberger and have become addicted to mud runs; I’m now training for a Spartan Beast and a full marathon. I still come to Boot Camp as much as possible and also enjoy the Redline High Intensity Interval Training class run by Doug’s wife Lindsay.

Thanks to Doug, Lindsay, Mackenzie and Pride Conditioning, I can truthfully say I’m in the best shape of my life. I’ve also made a lot of good friends along the way. Unlike some other gyms I’ve been at, I’ve found everyone at Pride is friendly and encouraging, no matter what shape you are in.

If you are thinking of giving Pride a try, here are my personal tips for success:

1.    Make a commitment to yourself and keep it. Don’t skip classes, no matter what!

2.    Diet is just as important as working out. Learn about eating healthy and the appropriate number of calories to eat. Make small adjustments that you can live with, then once you get used to them, make more. One nice benefit of Boot Camp for me when I would think about cheating on my diet was my sore body would remind me of all the hard work I put in and that made it easier to say no.

3.    If you have a setback, own up to it, make adjustments, and start moving forward again. Stay focused and don’t let small setbacks derail your progress.

Doug’s own testimonial on here was a big motivation to me so as uncomfortable as I am putting all this out there for the world to see, if I can help provide motivation to one other person then it is worth it. When I first talked to Doug he told me he would turn me into a machine, I laughed at the thought, but thanks Doug, you were right!

Jon Sayer - Before PRIDE Conditioning

Jon – Before training with PRIDE Conditioning

Jon Sayer - Warrior Dash 2012

Jon – After training with PRIDE Conditioning – Whooping guys half his age, having fun and loving life!

Jon Sayer - Before PRIDE Conditioning

Jon – Before training with PRIDE Conditioning

Jon Sayer After Action

Jon – After training with PRIDE Conditioning – A new man! A machine!



I can’t say enough good things about Pride Conditioning and their amazing boot camp program! The instructor, Doug Seamans, is the BEST! Doug is so knowledgeable and helpful. If you are doing something wrong he will correct you immediately and push you to limits you never thought were possible. I have tried several different work out programs and personal trainers and this is by far the most effective and best program I have ever experienced. In 7 months I have lost 15 pounds and more importantly dropped 3 pant sizes from a size 12 to a size 6. I started off barely being able to run a block – now I can run a mile. I was not able to do one “real” push up when I started now I can do 20 without stopping. I could only do a wall sit for 15 seconds now I can do a wall sit for 3+ minutes. I have gained upper body strength that I never knew was possible. It is such an empowering feeling being able to lift and carry things that my husband used to have to carry for me. I have so much more energy and feel better than ever! If you are looking to push yourself to achieve workout and health goals look no further – Pride Conditioning is for you!




Naked Danielle can’t thank you enough! I’m getting better and better each month, I love it. I feel better, my asthma is better, I’m just better all around. Get excited mofo!! Thanks for kicking my ass! Looking and feeling like this means the world to me! When I really get some balls I will do some bathing suit pics! I pitch boot camp to anyone that will listen, you have got an amazing thing going on, THANK YOU!




Shannon ***LOST 100 POUNDS!***

I started with Doug back at the very beginning in January 2010, and have not been disappointed yet! I was determined that year 40 was going to be different and I felt Doug was the right person to help me get to my goals. I dropped weight steadily and improved my fitness, I listened to Doug on not only exercising but eating better and the right  foods and what to avoid and I joined Lindsay’s cardio kickboxing too. I started out at 39% body fat and about 240 pounds and am now at 20% body fat and 139 lbs.  I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without Doug and Lindsay at Pride Conditioning! And oh yeah – I FEEL GREAT!

-Shannon Price




Pride Conditioning is the most awesome gym of all time ever. You’ll sweat, be out of breath, and you may even feel like passing out or vomiting afterwards. But stick with it you’ll thank yourself later. Two years well spent!





“PRIDE Condtioning is THE B-O-M-B! I would recomment Doug to anyone. His training/fitness expertise helped me lose over 3% body fat and over 13 lbs. in 4 months! Keep up the GREAT WORK guys!”

-Sheree B.




“I had lost 22 pounds before I came to Boot Camp but I still wasn’t feeling the energy I should have. Since beginning Boot Camp I have lost 4 more pounds and many inches. I have gone down two pants sizes since the first session. I don’t feel sluggish anymore.”





“Hey! I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for everything over these past 5 weeks. Justin and I had a great time and REALLY see a big difference! I lost 3 dress sizes in the time I spent with you and feel that I am in the best “cardio” shape I’ve ever been in. I got my dress altered this morning and was REALLY excited. I really appreciate it!

Justin and I think so much of you, your program and what you are doing for people…

Thanks again and take care!”




“Doug’s Boot Camp is great! I highly recommend it. The workouts are easily personalized to your fitness level.”

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-Renee W.




“I Found this Boot Camp online before my visit to Charlotte over the Holidays. It was goood. He changed workout everyday that I went. It is $15.00 for the drop-in per class. I am will definitely be back on my next visit to Charlotte, NC.”

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-Melissa H.




“Doug’s Boot Camp classes are awesome. I dropped those last stubborn 5lbs that I always wanted to get rid of, I had more energy, more muscle definition and a faster running time. PRIDE Conditioning will be part of my workout regimen for years to come!”

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-Lyndsey H.




“What can I say…CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE. Lost a little bit of it before I started working out at Pride! But now, I feel like I “got my sexy back!” Comment #2: My body is doing stuff I never thought it was capable of. It’s the first boot camp that has really challenged me…LIKE EVERY WEEK!”

-Christine A.



“I sleep better now….nothing like a good workout to get a sound nights sleep 🙂 And that of course makes a world of difference!”-Ashley Z.
“I lost 11 pounds and 7% body fat!! [in 30 days]It was an amazing month and the program is excellent. Everyone should give it a try. Just want to give a big thanks to Doug.”

“I have to get new clothes for work because most of my pants are falling off of me. Honestly the best training I’ve EVER had!”