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Technique Tuesday 4 – How to weight shift on kettlebell swings cleans and snatches

I made this video for one of my students but figured many more people could benefit from seeing and hearing these tips, so I uploaded it publicly. I learned the weight shift technique from the greatest kettlebell sport lifter of all time, Ivan Denisov. I was having problems on my cleans pushing my hips forward, Ivan corrected me. What is crazy I don’t talk about in the video but when you train with Ivan and he teaches you this weight shift he stands behind you and grabs your shoulders and actually moves you from one foot to the other to get you to feel the weight shift. You can do this without a bell in your hands, just practice the movement of swings without any weight, as you go into backswing shift your weight over to the same side as the arm you are using to swing, and put 100% of your weight on the foot allowing your other foot to just barely come off the floor, to get the weight to come forward wait for the pendulum and then shift your weight back over to the other foot allowing your same side foot to just barely come off the ground. Shift back and forth from foot to foot, allowing the other foot to come off the floor. And you don’t have to lean way over, that is a mistake. Just shift your weight and the kettlebell will fly!

Try it out!

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