Ski-erg Technique

Some¬†easy corrections you can make to be more fluid and efficient. 1. Squat! Do not pull with straight arms and straight legs, you need a small bend in the elbow and you need to pull yourself down by squatting and pulling down with the hamstrings and the abs. 2. Pull from just above eye or […]


If you are making any or all of¬†these four common mistakes we see often on the concept2 rower, fixing them will help you get more efficient and get faster times on the greatest piece of cardio endurance equipment you can train on. Good luck!   1. Bar first knees second. On the return stroke, the […]


Endurance work, on the skierg, the rower, the airbike, running, is all about being fluid and efficient. We see some common mistakes on skierg technique and in the video below Doug goes over these common mistakes and the simple corrections you can make to improve your efficiency and technique on the Concept2 skierg.  

Workout for 11-10-2014

Warm up: 20 squats, 20 jump squats, 20 push ups Strength: bench press 3×3 Endurance one round: 500m row 50 kettlebell high pulls 50 ABMAT sit-ups 25 burpees 25 pull ups 500m row

Boot camp workout for 12-9-13

Warm up : Movement and stretching 0:20 each – HKJ, JJ, Mountain Climber, Rest Strength: 15, 20, 25 drop set chest press on floor Endurance: 1 Round 25 Slurpees 50 Kettlebell High Pulls 50 Mountain Climbers 100 ABMAT Sit-ups 1,000 Meter Row

Warrior workout for 8-23-13

Movement & stretch Warm up: 30 box jumps Strength: weighted chin ups 3×3 4 Rounds: 10 Back Squats Run HT (800 yards) 3:00 Airdyne max speed

Boot Camp Workout for 8-23-13

Movement & Stretch Warm up: 20 squats, 50 JJ, 500 yard run Partner Endurance Relay! *Each partner must complete 5 sets before moving to the next station!* 1A: 10 BB Back Squats 1B: Jump Rope 2A: 25 Kettlebell Swings 2B: Box Jumps 3A: 20 Slamballs 3B: Airdyne 90% Max Speed