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Danielle: “Naked Danielle can’t thank you enough! I’m getting better and better each month, I love it. I feel better, my asthma is better, I’m just better all around. Get excited mofo!! Thanks for kicking my ass! Looking and feeling like this means the world to me! When I really get some balls I will do some bathing suit pics! I pitch boot camp to anyone that will listen, you have got an amazing thing going on, THANK YOU!”

Our program uses safe and effective strength training to get your stronger, building muscle that will burn fat 24 hours a day! We also use interval training to get your heart rate up, then rest and repeat. Taking your heart rate up and then back down will boost your metabolism for the entire day, burning calories even after you have left the gym. Once you are signed up for the 3 month program, we will use certain metrics to help track your progress; we will test both your strength and your speed, and we will continue to work with you to make you stronger and faster, which pays off in clothes fitting better and feeling better. Lastly, we will educate you so you don’t fall off your nutrition program (meal prep, good vs bad cooking methods, good vs bad ingredients, etc.), thus feeding your muscles and burning off fat. 

Becky: “I have been coming to Pride off and on for years – consistently for the past year. I kept trying other gyms and classes but there is something that keeps me coming back to Pride! The classes really challenge and push me. I have never taken the same class twice! I have really grown in strength and its also helped me set PRs in my 10ks and Half Marathons in the past year.”

We have been training people and helping them to be in the best shape of their life since 2009, 8 years of success!

Natalie Trifari
Natalie Trifari – Miss Hooters North Carolina

Doug developed this program, it worked for him, his wife, all the ladies who wrote the testimonials you can read here, and it has worked for hundreds of other people!

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Shira: “Been working out in Charlotte for 10 years. I’ve been to at least 30 different gyms from the Y to crossfit and many places in between. I was a certified strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, and I have a degree in Sports Medicine. It took me a long time to find Pride Conditioning, but I’m never leaving. The place is low maintenance. It’s the best of both worlds- motivation of a group, but lots of personal attention. Creative workouts including everything from tractor tires, sledge hammers, gymnastic rings, speed ladders, medicine balls, and of course the basics. You work hard and you go home having accomplished something you never knew you could do. That’s it. It’s a no BS atmosphere where you come as you are and you meet cool people because those are the kind of people that appreciate a place like this. The owners are good solid people who love what they do, lead by example, and are extremely knowledgeable. Pride is not a fad. It’s functional fitness (Added Bonus: colorful commentary from Doug and pretty killer tunes).”

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