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Tony: “This place is no BS! No fad workouts, no magical pills, just show up, do the work and you’ll look and feel great. After 4 months here, I am in the best shape I’ve been in since I was a young marine. I love the variety of classes they offer. There is no judgements if your out of shape, just motivation to do what you’re capable of and pushing you to be your best. What I most like is their dedication to form. Knowing they won’t let me screw up my back in a workout is key. All in all, I highly recommend this gym. Give it a try no matter where you’re at in your exercise experience and it’ll pay off.”

Our program uses safe and effective strength training to get your stronger, building muscle that will burn fat 24 hours a day! Next we use interval training to get your heart rate up and then rest, and repeat, taking your heart rate up and then back down will boost your metabolism for the entire day burning calories after you have left the gym. Once you are signed up for the 3 month program we will test you on certain metrics; we see how much weight you can move and how fast you can move on certain exercises, we test your strength and your speed, then we work to make you stronger and faster and then we test again to show your progress, that progress will also show on the scale and how your clothes fit. Lastly we educate you, how to prep your meals for the week so you don’t fall off your nutrition program, feeding your muscles and burning off fat. 

Kieran: “Never going back to a regular gym. Metabolic and functional strength training at its finest.”

We have been training people and helping them to be in the best shape of their life since 2009, 8 years of success!

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Doug Seamans - Deadlift

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George: “Pride Conditioning is the truth! Starting off I couldn’t even run a mile. Now I can do 3+ without much difficulty. The secret is they keep it really simple and teach you how to lift properly along with a solid dose of encouragement and tough love.”

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