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Strength v3.0 Starts Next Week!!!


The new strength program is here and it starts next week! Many people have been asking about it, we have been working on it for a couple weeks, and a couple of people are testing out the new program, and it is killer! If you want to lift and get stronger, if you want arms and shoulders you can show off, if you want a round ass and quads of steel, if you want a slimmer waist and a ripped back, this program will give it to you! But you have got to work for it!

The fist six weeks are in the strength v3.0 program and then you will take two weeks off and just have fun with normal workouts, then the following six weeks will take you into December and will be the GVT (German Volume Training) program. The strength v3.0 program is six days a week and the GVT program is five days a week.

The goal of the strength v3.0 program is to get you stronger, and the GVT program is also to get you stronger but it is also designed to put some lean muscle mass on you (you will need that mass for the one rep max program). Once we have finished the GVT program in December you will take another two weeks off and then start the one rep max training program for the early spring and then we will be releasing the shredded program for late spring to take you into next summer looking amazing! It is all part of a greater plan for the next 9 months, but you have got to stick to the plan!

Just like the previous strength plans we suggest you get this work be done BEFOREĀ  you do any Boot Camp or other class workouts. If you do the strength program after class you will not see the full benefits of the program. Will you benefit? Absolutely. But you will not be able to lift as much if you’re doing these workouts after a class workout. Also, if you are going to do the strength program before or after class, you need to bring something to eat! You cannot expect to put two tough workouts back to back and not refuel in between. You need some carbs (granola, muffins, fig newtons, banana, gatorade) and you need to make sure you have protein and a little bit more carbs ready for consumption immediately after the workout.

So here are the workouts, you can download these and print them out to fill in your numbers. Keeping track of your numbers is very important, if you get stuck at a certain number for a couple weeks it could be a sign of not eating enough or not getting enough rest. Keep track of your numbers! Also, the program shows 11 weeks but we are only doing 6 weeks on each.

Get ready to lift!



Big thanks to Kieran for the spreadsheets!




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