Stick With It!

I have trained many people, most of them lose weight, but some of them do not. I have trained people for several months and I have trained people for a couple weeks and I have trained people for a couple days. Out of those people, can you guess which ones lost weight and which ones didn’t? It’s not a tough question to figure out.

Many people come to me and expect results over night, we are a nation of impatient, instant gratification consumers. Losing weight and getting in great shape will not happen in your first week or even your first month of beginning a new program. It takes time and you have got to stick with it!

It took me a year to drop 69 pounds and it sure wasn’t easy. A year, that’s a long time. But all that time and hard work paid off. And once you get to your goal, you can’t just stop, you have to keep at it, it becomes part of your life. You can’t just eat right and exercise for awhile, it needs to be a permanent fixture in your life, it needs to be part of your lifestyle.

I have seen many people come and go through my programs and the most successful ones have been with me the longest. This is not a coincidence, it is a fact. Change your life, change your lifestyle, do not expect instant results, and stick with it!

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