Step it up!

Sometimes pushing hard hurts...bad...

So, Lindsay and I, for a couple of reasons, are going into another phase of “I’m not working hard enough”. I work pretty hard, so does Lindsay, but when you get done with your workout and you think “Maybe I could have pushed a little harder”, it’s time to start really pushing it. At the end of most workouts we are dead, we feel great, like we’re on top of the world, with the adrenaline flowing, but we’re spent. Too frequently lately we have thought that we could be pushing harder. This is not good. When I begin to question if I could have gotten that workout done quicker, lifted more, ran faster, pushed more reps or have any thoughts or doubts that I didn’t give at least 100% it’s time to step it up.

We have followed a theory lately about using lifting as your cardio, to do resistance training quickly but when I look back to last year and how much I was running, how much time I was spending doing rounds of boxing work and just using true cardio exercises, I was leaner. Recently I have put on a couple of pounds of muscle through better and more olympic lifting, my body fat is up a point and if any of you know me then you know this bothers me. I’m not trying to look huge, that way of working out is old school and is pointless. I want to be lean, ripped and I believe the way to get there is to crack down harder on my diet (as if it’s not strict enough already) and get in more cardio and just plain step it up and push harder.

Many of you have been with us for awhile and I think some of our people who have been here for awhile can step it up too. I even think some of you are looking for us to ask you to step it up. Some of you are looking for the next challenge, this is a good thing, it means you are getting stronger and faster. To those of you who are new or have only been here a short time, I am confident that if you stick with it and never give up, soon you’ll be asking for more and looking for the next challenge too!

This is what caused the damage above.

I think I’m looking for the next challenge too. I wanted single digit body fat for so long and I got there last year and I haven’t set a new goal since then. Think about your goals, set one, and once you make it there, set another one, a tougher one, an almost impossible yet still attainable goal.

Lindsay and I are ready to step it up, are you?!

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  1. Okay…so…I think I need to move up to the “long run” group. Not that I really want to, but I need to push myself! I ran a pretty quick mile earlier this week (at least for me) and so now I have no excuses, lol!!!

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