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Spicy Halal style chicken beef and rice

Spicy Halal Style Chicken Beef and Rice

For this week's "Food Friday" post, we have a spicy chicken beef and rice!

Every Friday, I have lunch with Lindsay to spend a few minutes together outside the gym, and one of our favorite lunch meals is Halal from a street cart. This particular Halal cart is run by a family that part is part Pakistan and part Dominican, so the food has this amazing middle eastern flavor with hispanic punch. Seriously if you are passing the Halal cart downtown in Charlotte get some food it is amazing.

My spices are not quite spot on, but you can get close with some readily found spices. To get it dead on will require you to go find some special spices and special hot sauce called "harissa" (which you can get at Trader Joes or just order off amazon).

But one key to this meal is the chicken, you need to use chicken thighs as they have a little more fat and will not dry out over the week if you are doing meal prep, which is what we do every week.

Start with the chicken and the beef, for this meal prep recipe it is one pound of each. Brown meat in a large pan, add garlic and seasonings. I used a couple different BBQ seasonings, and some ghost pepper flakes for some real heat!

Now we throw in the extras, black beans, green chillies, and the cabbage. Get it all mixed up, add a little more salt and pepper.

Time to make the sauce! This is simple, one small tub of Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup of mayo (you can cut this down a little to cut some more fat, but don't use light mayo it has sugar in it). And then add some hot sauce, your choice, this week I used some Caribean island hot sauces, sometimes I use Cholula.

To top it off, I mix up Sriracha and Harissa, squirt some on top, and add the lettuce. Now the traditional Halal cart dish also has tomatoes and if I were making this to eat fresh I would put them in but I don't like cut up tomatoes sitting in a meal for more than a day they tend to make everything soggy and the acid can really mess up the meal by the end of the week. Of course I also pair this with a lot of white rice!

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