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Special Ops Endurance Workout for 3-6-12

I apologize for not getting this up on the blog, it has been insane here at the gym! Also insane: our upcoming week of training… We are going to have our first obstacle-course specific workout as well as our first trail-run! Also, many of you have asked about some post-run nutrition as well as questions on footwear and gear that is running-specific…I am thinking that next Friday we could plan on having a FAQ session after a lighter recovery workout to help answer some of your questions…let’s say from 6:45-7:20. If you have any burning questions hit up Mackenzie on her cell (if you have it), email her, or, get at her on Facebook. Here’s the plan for the Tuesday:

Obstacle Race Specific Workout
…it’s going to be too fun for me to spoil it for you guys, but prepare to run, jump, climb and crawl! If you want to know the real workout you’ll just have to come in to the gym and train with us, sorry!

On your own:
20-30 minute easy run based on ability level and comfort.
6-8x100m sprint (about the length of a soccer field)
After each sprint complete: 20 burpees, 10-20 push-ups, 20 jump squats, 20 (total) lunges

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