Special Ops Team

Special Ops Endurance Workout for 3-11-12

Long Day/Trail run!
We’ll go to Reedy Creek Park, they have a great 3 mile loop that is clearly marked and easily navigated for those of you making your first foray into the rugged world of trail running (Trail-lite!) as well as some truly epic single track for those of you looking to get a little more rough and tumble!

On your own:
As always, the long run is time-and-a-half of your second longest run of the week (20 min mid-week run is a 30 min long run, 40 min mid week run is a 60 min long run, etc, etc…) Make sure you are easing your way into things over the first mile-two miles! Let your body heal on the go!

Reedy Creek Park Address:

2900 Rocky River Road
Charlotte, NC

It’s just off Harris Blvd in the University Area! Call/email/text Mackenzie (THAT’S MACKENZIE…NOT DOUG) for directions!

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