EnduranceSpecial Ops Team

Special Ops Endurance Workout for 03-02-12

Friday, 6:am
Hill Intervals
Get ready to work in this, the highest continual intensity workout of our week. Hills are a great way to tap into your natural speed, to work on form, and to quickly build strength. They are also brutal. Learn to love em! We’ll get started right at 6am so we can get you all off to work on time!

On-you-own Workout:
Warm up for 10 easy minutes of jogging, progress into intervals of 2 min of hard running, 1 min of easy jogging or brisk walking, followed by 10xburpees, 10xpush-ups, 50x mountain climbers. For a moderate workout complete this cycle 4 times, for intense do it 5 times, for extreme go for 6. Cool down with another EASY 10 min of running.
*if you have a good hill at home, try and get as much of your 2 min run in on the hill as possible (at least once!) if you don’t live in a hillier place, just work the flats a little harder.

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