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Review of Kettlebell Kings prototype bell

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be asked by to test and review a new prototype bell and after many many many reps and a lot of sweat and some torn hands and a couple pounds of chalk, here is my review!


So what’s the big deal with this bell? You will notice very quickly it has a fatter “ear” (where the handle meets the body) that is more of a cone shape. This is easy to see and notice. What is harder to see but is a major big deal is the shape and thickness and width of the handle. This handle is a teardrop shop, more like an axe or hammer handle, so it is oblong, it is taller than it is wide. This shape is more ergonomic than a perfect circle. the dimensions of the handle are 35mm tall and 33m wide, so people with smaller hands will greatly benefit and like this handle shape even more! Even myself having huge hands and long fingers, this shape is simply awesome and feels great in my hands! Now, the cone/ear, this is also a big deal because the more material can be cast into this area, the more comfortable it will be in rack and in overhead position, and the quicker you will feel insertion on the clean and snatch. But and even bigger deal about casting more material into this part of the bell is that it changes the center mass or balance of the bell. The more weight there is in the handle the less weight there will be in the body of the bell, thus bringing the center of the mass closer to your wrist which will keep your wrists from fatiguing early in your sets. Lastly, changing the center of the mass also changes the flip or rotational speed of the bell and the impact it has on your forearms and wrists, because the bell takes less energy to spin or flip in snatch and clean movements, you will again conserve energy and may gain some speed in those movements and you will fatigue less quickly.

Here is our video review…

You see, small little changes like this make a HUGE difference in how a bell feels and the performance and results of the athlete!

Huge thanks to the Kings for letting me test out this bell, these small changes make a big difference and I love this handle and shape! If you would like to order these bells please contact the Kettlebell Kings (CONTACT HERE), these special bells are available in limited quantity. And thanks to all of you for visiting our site and watching our videos! Cheers and happy lifting!

2 thoughts on “Review of Kettlebell Kings prototype bell

  1. Doug,
    Thank you for the information in regards to the ergonomic advantage, benefit of centralizing the mass of the bell, and insight into reducing hand fatigue and comfort as a direct result of less “flopping” on the forearms due to the additional material on the handle during the casting phase of mfg. I have a question….in the photo, above, I cannot see the bottom of the bells. Is the bottom of the bells “hollow”, meaning that during the “pouring” phase, the weight of the bell is located at the top of the bell? This would also prevent less “flopping” of the bell. Anyway, thank you for the commentary on the case study findings, insight, and the very helpful in-depth analysis.

  2. Jeff, thanks for reading and watching the video review! Yes the kings sport bells are hollow and are cast with a hole in the bottom. Crazy how much of a difference it makes, if I pick up an older Federenko that is filled, and especially if I snatch it, you can feel the weight moving, it is harder to fixate and the spin on the snatch is off and the weight on the wrist is off too. Then you pick a king’s bell and the flip and spin is so much smoother and so much easier to stop moving and fixate. In my opinion, any bell from any manufacturer that is filled and not hollow cast is only good for swings and presses and that is it, the king’s bells are the best sport bells on the market.

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