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A couple of days ago one of my clients emailed me to ask what she can do to continue seeing results as she has seen her arms and legs look better but her mid-section is not seeing the same results. She specifically asked about working out more, changing her diet and how alcohol plays a part in all of this. This is a common question among people working with me and many of you out there just beginning your fitness and weight loss journey. If you have been working out and got some results but the results have slowed or stopped, here is the solution:

So you’ve been working out for awhile and you have seen some good results, but the results have either slowed down or stopped. What to do about it? You have two choices; you can either workout more or change your diet. Those are the only two choices. Now you already workout for an hour a day 5 days a week, so unless you have the time and the energy to do double sessions and workout twice a day, then your only option is to change your diet. There is a small option on the working out more side, if you normally workout five days a week, you can add the sixth day and do some endurance work or kickboxing or some other type of extended cardio on Saturday mornings. Also, even though Sunday is normally used as a rest day you can go for a very long walk, like 3-5 miles, it actually helps with your joints and removing all the lactic acid you built up during the week while lifting and doing high intensity cardio. So if you can get in some work on the weekends that will help things along.

On the diet side, drinking less wine/beer/alcohol will help! From all the nutrition info I have studied, your body treats alcohol, especially wine and beer, like carbs/sugar, so if you are going to drink you have to limit it to two days a week and to only two glasses, and you also cannot have any carbs in the meal before during or after you drink. Think of wine like cake, you can’t have a meal with pasta (carbs) and cake, and then have some more cake, and then have another meal of chicken with bread and more cake. Too much cake! So, limiting the drinking, two days and only two glass, and no carbs before during after your glasses of cake will help. Carbs are not a bad thing, we need them to lift and run and row, but having a meal of carbs along with liquid carbs in your alcohol is just too much.

Again, if you have stopped seeing results even though you are working out 5-6 days a week, you need to look at your diet. If you are only working out 3-4 days a week then you most certainly can workout more by adding 2-3 more days and you will start seeing results again. For those of you reading this who do not workout at Pride, your workouts could also play a part in your stagnant results; you could be doing too much cardio and not enough lifting or met-con type work, but we will leave that for another post!

This should help move things along and keep you seeing some results. If you’re interested in a meal plan, you can contact my boy Nick over at RP Strength and they can send you a macro profile template or a full custom meal plan. Email Nick at and tell him Doug from Pride sent you! Or checkout their website at

I hope this little bit of info helps you out and you step back and take a look at your training and your diet and I hope you make the changes that will get your body to see some changes!

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