Rebels victorious at USPA North Carolina State Championships!

Last month Pride hosted the USPA North Carolina (tested) State Championships, it was a ton of people in our little gym…over 400, and the Rebel Powerlifting Team did great! Here is a quick recap of everyones lifts:
Squat: 303
Bench: 154
Deadlift: 325
Squat: 292
Bench: 143
Deadlift: 353
Squat: 375
Bench: 215
Deadlift: 402
Squat: 408
Bench: 243
Deadlift: 490
Squat: 325
Bench: 308
Deadlift: 375
We are super proud of this team, coach Lindsay put a lot of time and effort into their programming and even though it was a long and stressful day of lifting she did her best to keep everyone focused and looking strong. The Rebels came together and supported each other and they got through it as a team with some really great lifting. If you are interested in joining the team or maybe you just want to try out a few months of powerlifting training, please come talk to Lindsay! Some of the team will be heading down to Atlanta this summer for some training with Lindsay’s coach, and we have a couple meets coming up with a big meet in September right here at Pride.
Big thanks to Allen, Kamylla, Vincent, and Mom for helping out!

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