Raffle for new equipment and turf! Win one year membership!


We are raising money for new equipment at Pride Conditioning!

We have a plan for some major additions to the gym; turf, another ski-erg, brand new all matching airdynes, another set of bumper plates, two new GHD/GHR stations, and a bunch of storage and organization equipment to keep all our gear in the right spots and easy to get to. This entire project will cost the gym a little over $8,000. We are trying to raise at least $2,000 in the raffle to help with the cost of these improvements, the rest of the cost will be paid for with cash and credit by the gym (Doug). Pride is trying to truly set themselves apart and make the gym look more complete, finished, and professional.

The raffle will take place Friday September 2nd. You do not need to be present for the drawing, and you do not need to be a member of the gym. The prize is a one year unlimited membership to the gym! If you are already a member of the gym and you win the raffle, your one year membership will begin after you have completed your current contract. If you are not a member of the gym you may redeem your prize anytime and your one year begins on the day you redeem the prize.

Raffle tickets are $25 per entry and you can purchase as many entries as you want. You ma purchase tickets at the gym with cash or we can charge your account through the front desk computer system, or you can purchase through our apparel website www.aowapparel.com (please select “local pickup” at checkout so you don’t get charged for shipping).

Thanks you!