Protein after workout

On Tuesday I had a client tell me he ate a canteloupe and a salad almost every night…after working out with me…not good.


Whether you are weight lifting, running, biking, doing MMA or Muay Thai, Crossfit, my Boot Camp or any other type of workout you need protein after! It’s that simple and you will not achieve your goals if you don’t rebuild after your workout. And you should be consuming that protein within an hour after your workout is over, half an hour is even better but I know with our crazy schedules that can be tough but you have got to try.

The simple truth is that when you workout you break down the fibers in your muscles and those fibers are rebuilt by protein. Muscle burns fat, so if you break down your muscle and don’t rebuild it, it won’t be there to burn more fat. It’s a process on the road to weight and fat loss success, you workout, you break down your muscles, you rebuild them and the next time you workout you can go a little harder.

Excellent sources of protein are lean chicken, turkey, fish and soy or whey protein supplements. Don’t sabotage your plan for success people! Eating right make all the difference.

If you would like some simple recipes and meal plans, email me or come talk to me and I will be glad to help you out.

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