Pride is looking for an endurance coach!

As the housing market has taken off, so has Vincent’s work schedule causing him to require more time to take care of business in the mortgage industry. While we are happy Vincent is enjoying a bountiful harvest, we are of course sad to say he will not be able to coach our endurance class on the same schedule he has been able to up to now. 

With that said Pride is looking for an experienced endurance coach who can head up class on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 8am. 

The endurance coach needs to be able to create and administer endurance workouts that do not interfere with our clients other training and workouts that strengthen our clients endurance, cardio and VO2 max capabilities. Qualified coaches need experience in running, rowing, biking, kettlebells and other endurance and core work but also experience in muscular endurance. Candidates for the endurance coach position should have experience in programming endurance and speed work and also have personal experience in training for endurance competitions. Experience in stretching and mobility and working with or around and recovering from injuries is a huge plus. Organizing group events such as road and trail or bike races and triathlons is also helpful. 

Must be motivating, loud, energetic. And you must be an endurance badass! We need a coach who is a step above those they are coaching, someone with the physical speed and stamina and the mental strength that our people can look up to and aspire to become! 

The position is a sub-contracted job and will be paid on a 1099. Pay is dependent on experience. 

Please contact Doug and send resumes to doug@prideconditioning.com

We love you Vincent! Thanks for all your help!!! 

And don’t worry everyone, Vincent will still be around and he will still be running class the next couple weeks, he isn’t going anywhere he’s just busy! 

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