Pride Conditioning Holiday Party!

This year’s party will be bigger and badder than ever!

Where: The party will be held here in the gym.

When: Saturday, December 13th, 7PM – Till someone falls over or we are all tired and want to go home!

Cost: $10 per person

Guests: Bring as many friends and family as you want! (Must pay $10 per person)

Food: We will have sushi from Bryan Li at Pisces, Tacos from Three Amigos, and Wings from Flippin Chicken, please brings some other snacks, dips, chips and desserts! We need more food, especially desserts!

Booze: Come on you all know Doug and Lindsay do not drink, bring your own booze fools!

*We will of course have a DJ and a raffle for some cool and some dumb prizes!*

**Guaranteed someone will knock something over, someone will hump the blow up Santa, and someone will probably get half naked, so come enjoy the shenanigans!**

***We also need a handful of people to help decorate so if you want to come help come on over at 5 or 6 and help out, thanks!***

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