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Planning and coaching

25 competitions
5 countries
3 continents
And I am about to make add one more competition and one more country as I head off to compete in Canada this weekend!
Two years ago I made a plan with my coach, the goal was to get to the pro class, it was just a general plan to get to an attainable goal. This year I accomplished that goal. Last year I made a much more detailed plan, a three year plan, I sent it to my coach and he actually told me to add more, he told me to reach and to climb higher. Now we are on this detailed plan and it is to reach a very lofty goal.
Too many people whether they are looking to lose weight or get stronger, they don’t plan for the long term, they want to lose ten pounds in two weeks. Too many people also make the other mistake of setting huge goals, losing 100 pounds, but do not put in little goals they can hit every other month, or they try to get their too quickly and get frustrated and quit, or they are too focused on the number on the scale and they don’t see how their strength or speed or endurance has increased.
Even athletes fall victim to setting insane goals for their next competition without any thought of the long term or what their plans are for one or two or three years from now. Too many athletes get overly focused on today instead of stepping back to look at the big picture. Too many athletes fail to see how far they have come since they started, seeing this bigger picture can really make you feel a lot better about yourself but it can also help you to see your potential if you continue on the path.
My point in all of this, is that you not only need to be setting small attainable goals but also bigger broader long term goals. And one for the best ways to do this is to have a good coach! A good coach will help you make these plans, and tell you if your goals are achievable in the time frame you have in mind. I have many supporters, my friends and clients, my family, and especially my wife, to thank for helping me be able to achieve all of my goals, but I will never forget to thank my coach for guiding me through each small step climbing the mountain to my bigger goal, and for telling me that I can climb even higher than I thought I would ever be able to.
If you would like help setting some goals and achieving them, please message me!

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