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One Rep Max Program…

Some of you have started on the next phase of our strength program, the one rep max phase. Here are the sheets for you to print out!

Some of you are on the “Mini-Strength” program, I will have sheets for you tomorrow!

If you have not started any of the strength programs, what the hell are you waiting for?! So, we started last year with an 8 week basic strength program to increase overall strength and to increase our one rep max’s on the big three lifts. We then went through a one rep max program, then went through strength version 2, then went through GVT (German Volume Training 10×10) and now we are back to a one rep max program. This program is 8 weeks. Once we are done with this we will go to a more advanced cutting program with higher rep counts. (Strength programs are done in addition to class, preferably BEFORE class, but can be done after class you just won’t see results like people who are able to do it before class)

If you have any quesitons please feel free to ask! Thanks! And remember, eat big, lift big! (Do not try to go for new one rep max’s without eating properly)


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