by Lindsay Seamans

Hello everyone! Doug and I are trying to post more articles on our blog to help serve as an inspiration for everyone. This one, about shortcuts, might get a little rambly and drone on, but I do have some points here and there, so bear with me!

Today’s article was inspired by a conversation I heard at work Thursday morning. And if you don’t follow me on Facebook, here’s a quick synopsis; I work with A LOT of unhealthy people at my real job, people who eat Bojangle’s for breakfast AND lunch. Not kidding. And this morning, I overheard this woman telling someone how she had a SHORTCUT to Bojangle’s for breakfast because sometimes traffic gets backed up and she doesn’t want to sit in traffic. I thought, did I really just hear that? You NEED a SHORTCUT to get to Bojangle’s? You really can’t wait that extra few minutes to get the nasty food your going to shove down your throat to continue to make yourself morbidly obese? Wow. Then I thought, “Damn, I’m so glad my life doesn’t revolve around crap fast food.” This whole conversation really got me thinking about shortcuts – are there really any and if so, are they even viable?

There are “shortcuts” in the fitness world. For instance, I really want more muscle, and I could very well take steroids. But, the side affects and the health risks are not worth the results you get. Yes, I’d get muscles really quickly, but I’d look like a man and have to put a needle in my ass every day, and that isn’t really my idea of fun. My idea is seeing gains that I made all by myself due to how much I was able to lift that day or how much longer I could run another day. To get more gains in my workouts I eat…a lot. I eat between 1,500 to 2,600 calories a day, depending on what I’m doing for workouts that day. You all know how tiny I am, so that’s a lot of food for a little girl! But I’m trying to be not so little anymore, so to get bigger I have to eat bigger and lift bigger! I also get all of these calories from good calories which is tough to do, it’s easy to eat a tub of macaroni salad and fried chicken everyday and I could get to 3,000 calories in two meals, but that’s not going to help me and it is not a shortcut! Remember, it’s not just how much you eat but it’s also what you eat.

Speaking of calories, there’s no way to shortcut those either. You can’t eat too little! A lot of women think if they eat less, workout more, they’ll get skinnier and healthier. NOT true! You’ll get skinny, but you’ll be fat skinny. Losing weight healthily has to be done through gaining muscle. Without muscle, you can’t burn fat! So if you JUST do cardio, and don’t lift, you’ll get fat skinny, and then be WEAK! And no one wants to be weak! And it doesn’t take a scientist to figure it out, but you can’t eat too much either, because then you’ll pack on the pounds. Duh, right?

And another thing. When you workout, and especially all of you who workout 5+ days a week (go you!), you CANNOT eat whatever you want! This goes for weekends too! No binging, no cheat days, nothing, nada. You can have a day to reset your carb balance and reset your diet to kind of jump start your body back into being super efficient and not let it get use to eating the same thing day after day, but that’s whole nother article. I mean, you can have a huge cheat meal, but you’ll feel like crap after you do it. And, you may wake up Monday morning before starting your next week of workouts and go, “What the hell?! I had more muscles Friday! Where did they go?!” Guess where they went? They took cover in all of that bad food you ate over the weekend! So think twice before pigging out this weekend!

And, another thing…don’t EVER tell Doug or myself you don’t eat breakfast or that you went home after working out and didn’t refuel yourself with a good post-workout meal. Think about it: when did you eat dinner? 7pm? So if you skip breakfast, when is your next meal? 10 am? Noon? You’ve just gone well over 12 hours without eating! And if you eat at noon, then again at 3:30, and then dinner at 7, you space all of those out by 3.5 hours, right? Why not eat something in the morning, then again mid-morning, and have all of your meals evenly spaced throughout the day? Then chances are you won’t overeat at the rest of your meals, thus enabling you to lose more weight! You also keep your metabolism up if you eat more frequent but smaller meals, which allows you to lose more weight!

Moral of the story is, there aren’t any shortcuts. Just like there aren’t any in real life, there are aren’t any in working out and getting in shape. You have to work for it. We cannot hand it to you! Diet plays more of a role than people like to believe, and is often overlooked. If you want to keep track of your calories, use and talk to us if you have questions on your diet, and we’ll get you back on track!

Keep working hard everyone! And be patient, you’ll see results soon!

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