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NO EXCUSES! – Lindsay Seamans


Lindsay Seamans

People who work in the fitness industry know that one thing is always going to be found in abundance: excuses. We hear so many excuses, some valid, and some not so much. If you are genuinely injured, than that’s a valid excuse. But more excuses are made to cover up the real reason: you just don’t feel like doing it. Whether it’s a particular exercise or just plain working out, sometimes you just don’t want to.

Working out is sometimes just as mentally exerting as it is physical. Sometimes you have to battle with yourself in your mind to get your body to do what it doesn’t want to do. There are times when we’re so physically exhausted, we have to let our mind take over to help push us through it. There are also times when our mind isn’t in it, mentally we are just not “with it” on that day and yet we still go through the motions, as much as it sucks. But don’t you just feel so much better after the workout that you’re glad you didn’t go home and relax in front of the TV or play on the computer? Yep, I thought so! So, there’s really no excuse to not workout, right? Working out will leave you feel good and looking good…what more could you want?!

The same goes for the exercises Doug and I incorporate in the workouts. Remember this, he and I will NEVER make you do something we’ve haven’t done. If you do it, and hate it, chances are Doug and I hate it too, yet push ourselves through whatever awful exercise is on the board for the day. You may dread burpees for instance. But burpees are one of the best, if not THE best, multi-joint exercises out there. They suck to do, but the end result can be amazing! I hate hand stand push ups, I can’t stand being upside down so they really bother me. Doug isn’t a big fan of lunges. You will not see one month go by that we don’t do those exercises in the Warrior class even though we don’t like them. We all have workouts and exercises we don’t like but you need to mentally get into it and push through.

And please, just because you don’t like an exercise or a type of workout (Tabata, AMRAP, Time Challange, etc.), doesn’t mean that’s an excuse to skip class. First, you’re paying for that class, and if you skip, you’ve just wasted money, and we all hate doing that! Second, you’re really just hurting yourself. You are shortchanging and halting your own progress! You wouldn’t make an excuse not to do something at your regular job if your boss asked you to do something you don’t like doing, so why make an excuse when it comes to your health, fitness, and overall well-being?

There are many reasons people workout: get in shape, get more muscle, lean out, and so many more. Find your inspiration, set a goal, and don’t make excuses. Because the excuse isn’t worth it!

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