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New Balance 890v6 Review

After beating the same running shoes to death for three years because New Balance cancelled the best shoe they ever made…they finally brought back the 890!!! And I somehow snagged a pair off amazon for $67!!! Little product review video, any of my kettlebell or muay thai or boxing or mma or endurance friends out there looking for a simple but great running shoe these are my favorite!

Now my running style does not require a special shoe, I have a very slight pronation, and I use to wear stability shoes but I hated how they felt while running, so big and heavy and very ugly. I was told by a couple running coaches my pronation was not so bad that I absolutely had to have stability shoes, but they would help, but I could run in regular flats. I tried to run in zero drops for a year and it did not workout very well, so I had to go back and find a 3-6mm drop shoe. The wife picked up a pair of 890v4 and loved them, she ran her first (and her only) half marathon in them and then got another pair because she loved them. I needed new shoes and found some 890v5 on sale so I picked them up, and they were by far my favorite running shoes I have ever had!

And then…New Balance cancelled the 890! WHY???!!! I read many forums and articles talking about “close replacements” to the 890 but everyone agreed nothing was quite what this shoe was. After three years and damn near 600 miles on my 890’s, I was really needing new shoes and decided to look again and research what could replace my 890’s…and I found out that New Balance brought the 890 back!!! I was so excited! I hopped on Amazon and pair of clean looking gray/black/green on sale for $67! Since I got them that price has gone back up to $89, sorry folks!

My first run with them felt great! Little stiff but that is to be expected. What surprised me was the spring off the toe, it felt amazing, I had obviously destroyed the spring in my old 890’s about 200 miles ago and not even realized it! These new 890’s will again be my favorite running shoes.

If you are a medium distance runner, usually hitting 5k runs weekly, and you don’t require stability shoes and you’re not doing long half or full marathon distance runs, and you’re not looking for super flat zero drops, this is the shoe for you! These are light but still have great stability with the revlite sole. I weigh 200 and I am 6-3, I wear a 13M and I have fairly narrow feet. These fit perfect, I have to snug them down quite a bit due to my narrow foot, but I know they will conform to my foot better over the next couple weeks. Overall, loving these shoes!

Here is the amazon link… https://amzn.to/2DbLSiz

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