The Murderball is the combination of a Squat Thrust and a Wallball. The name comes from the awesome folks in our 6PM class and was introduced and named in November 2010 during the first Team Diet Challenge.


  1. Muscles used: almost all of them! The Murderball is another multi-joint exercise that uses a lot of muscle groups and will wear your ass out quickly. The main muscle groups used are the quads, buttocks, calves, abs and back (core), deltoids and triceps.
  2. Cardio Rating: 8-9
  3. Difficulty Rating: 8
  4. Exhaustion Rating: 9
  5. Movement
  • Start in the standing position
  • Place hands on the floor a little wider than shoulder width apart with the medecine ball in between your hands with your knees bent
  • Shoot both legs straight back to put you into push up position
  • Bring both feet back to the same position you were in when you first put your hands on the floor
  • Grab the medecine ball BEFORE you stand up
  • Stand up with the ball; stand up straight and use your legs (not your back) to get you standing and upright and place the ball under your chin with your elbows close to your sides
  • Squat and touch your elbows to your knees
  • Stand up POWERFULLY and throw the ball up with both arms onto the wall 2 to 6 feet above you
  • Let the ball fall to the floor
  • *The simplified instructions: down, feet out, feet in, grab the ball, stand, squat, stand and throw

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