Monday sets the tone…

I see this every single week in the gym, people dragging ass on Monday, people actually saying things to me like “it’s Monday I can’t move fast” and I even have clients who actually refuse to go to the gym on Monday!


I don’t understand?! You just had Sunday off did you not? For most that have normal jobs you had Saturday off too! You’ve had two days of rest and you can’t move on Monday? Bullshit. You choose not to move, you choose to let a day of the week have power over your body and dictate how you move and how you live. You choose to slack off on Monday even though you just had two days off.

What if I told you that you don’t have to live like this? What if I told you that you could choose to kick Monday in the crotch, make it your bitch, and every day of the rest of the week will be amazing?

Guess what? You can! It’s true! Monday sets the tone for the week, if you slack on Monday, if you sleep in Monday, if you spent the day nursing your hangover from the weekend, if you don’t get to the gym on Monday and put in work, the rest of your week isn’t going to be much better or much more productive. You have chosen to start the week in a negative and lethargic state and you point the finger at what day of the week it is when you should be pointing the finger at yourself because it is all in your head, you are mentally making the choice to be weak and to be unproductive and to be negative and lazy.

When you go to bed Sunday night, tell yourself ten times that tomorrow you are going to be a badass, tomorrow you are going to crush Monday, go to sleep knowing that you are going to be a rock star on Monday! Don’t dread it, don’t stress out Sunday night, relax, get to bed early, and get ready to kick ass from the minute you wake up!


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