Monday Motivation – Rolling into 2019…Here we come!

What can I say about 2018…it was a tough year filled with struggles and stress and injuries! Every year we try to put the past behind us and we look forward to a bright new year. I saw a great quote the other day that talked about great leaders always sailing the ship towards the destination no matter what happens, I thought it was a great thought and based this Monday Motivation video off of that idea.

When the great captains left for the new world, they didn’t know if they would make it, if they would sail off the edge of the map, if their ships would hold, but they set sail for greatness. They certainly felt the fear, when they left port they were excited but that fear was still there and they set sail anyway. Along the way, they battled the ocean and the weather, their ships needed to be fixed along the way, they had days where they couldn’t navigate by the stars and got off course, but they fixed their ships and they got back on course. Always keeping their ships sailing towards the destination, towards the goal. 2018 was all about setting sail and having to fix the ship and getting back on course. 2019 will be about reaching the destination and the goal and building the empire! I hope you are all coming along with me for this amazing ride! Happy New Years and cheers to 2019!!!


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