Monday Motivation 94

After ten years and over 1,200 people trained here at Pride, we have seen a lot of success stories, but one thing we have also seen is people complaining about their weaknesses but then not doing anything to fix it. We see people come in to the gym and crush it, getting stronger and faster every day! And then we see people come in to the gym and complain about their lack of strength, or wanting to be faster or increasing their mobility, and we simply tell them the steps they need to take to get stronger and faster and more mobile…and then…they don’t show up for two weeks. Please don’t be one of those people! We want you to succeed and we want you to get stronger and faster, but they only way to do so is to get your ass in here and work on it! And of course this extends to life lessons beyond the gym; if you want to a better job you need to learn new skills, if you want to be financially better off you probably need to get out of debt, if you want a raise or a promotion at work you probably need to put in some more hours and bust your ass to show you deserve it! These things are all within your control! You can get stronger and faster and increase your mobility and you can get a raise or a promotion or a new job, if you put in the time and you are dedicated to achieving success!

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