Monday Motivation 9 – Don’t let injuries become excuses…

We have trained almost 1,000 clients here at Pride, and over the course of training all those people in the past 7 years we have seen a few injuries, luckily our injury rate here is super low. With the number of people we have trained it is inevitable someone is going to get injured, either inside the gym or sometimes outside the gym just hiking or mountain biking or snowboarding or dancing with your kids on a slick linoleum floor, it happens, that’s life, we learn to deal with it and move on. As coaches we have become very good at modifying workouts to accommodate injured clients or just coming up with entirely new programs separate from the class for people with major injuries. We have seen everything from torn knees to strained wrists to tendonitis in the elbows to rotator cuff strains and calf and hamstring pulls. Most clients who become injured let us know and we recommend PT or Chiro or just massage and ice and a little rest. But we have been noticing lately several clients who just disappear for three or four weeks and we don’t hear from them or we hear from another client who talked to them that they are injured. Please, do not be that client, we are here to help you on your fitness journey and help you achieve your full potential and help you with your goals in strength and speed and aesthetics, but we cannot help you if you do not tell us you are injured and you just completely avoid the gym. We can modify workouts or give you an entirely different routine than what the class is doing. We have seen people disappear with wrist injuries…your legs still work! We have seen people disappear from knee injuries…your arms still work! The point is, unless you have a serious neck or back injury we can come up with a way for you to still get to the gym and get in some type of workout, so you don’t lose your mind and so you don’t lose your strength gains. So if you become injured please let us know so we can help you in your recovery and so you don’t disappear. And don’t let an injury become an excuse!


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