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Monday Motivation 8: Setting Goals Through Competition…


We all know that setting goals helps to keep you focused, but I would like to talk about a special type of goal today, and that is signing up for a competition or a race. For a lot of people, the thought of competing against others, especially when it is in a sport they are new to, can be very intimidating, so intimidating that it prevents many form actually signing up. Signing up for an event or competition is a big deal, especially if it is your first time. Overcoming that fear of possibly failing, for some this is a a mountain they just cannot climb, but overcoming this fear and going in to battle against your own mind and body and other people will give you the greatest feeling of accomplishment you have ever felt! And, it will keep you focused on your training.

Some people can just come in to the gym and have fun working out, lifting, rowing, running, and some people can go on for years being self motivated and just enjoying their time in the gym. But some people need a little extra motivation, and all of us no matter who you are or how many different sports you have been involved in and how many times you have competed, you will push yourself harder than ever knowing you have a date and a destination and a goal. We have had a people join myself and our kettlebell sport team and now we have a couple of people joining Lindsay to start a powerlifting team, Vincent has helped many people train for marathons and triathlons, and we have seen those people work harder than they have ever worked in their entire life! We love seeing this!

For some of you, you may have a goal number on the scale or the body fat meter or you just want to look better for summer, the question is what is your plan? And what are you going to do once you hit that goal? Some of you may be training to run your first 5k or half/full marathon. Do you have a plan? And again what are you going to do once you reach your goal? Myself, the kettlebell team, Lindsay, the powerlifting team, Vincent, all of our veteran runners and our obstacle course racers, they all know there is no end to competing, once we have signed up for a competition and we go crush it, the next week we are already looking to the future and planning our next move, our next comp, our next cycle. We take a few days off and then we start again.

We would love to see more of you get interested in competing in some way, in running or rowing or kettlebell sport or powerlifting or triathlons or obstacle course racing! And we can help you with any of these competitions! Yes we will always help every one of you just enjoy the gym and get in the best shape of your life and be happy with your body and your fitness level. But ask yourself, is there something in the gym you’re good at? Maybe you could compete doing what you love!

If any of you would like to sign up for an event, whether it is the first time you have ever done it or you have done it a dozen times before, we would love to help you set a competition goal and really push you to achieve your full potential! Setting goals through competition is one of the best ways to get in amazing shape, train hard, have fun, push yourself, and then feel how amazing it is to cross that finish line or deadlift twice your bodyweight or to simply finish a race you didn’t think you could ever complete. Remember, competing isn’t just about the other people, it’s about you versus you, pushing through the pain, and basking in the glory of your accomplishment! Let us know what your goals are, we would love to help you!

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