Monday Motivation 7 – What is Stopping You?

I want you to make two lists right now, three items on each list.

Top 3 goals. These goals can be in fitness, in the gym, lifting, running, they could be in your relationships with loved ones, these could be professional goals or financial goals. but try to include one fitness/gym goal.

Top 3 fears or obstacles to reaching those goals. Most of you will say time, schedule, work, taking care of kids, money, etc.

Now I want you to compare these two lists. Look at each list separately and then think about how they relate. Are your fears or obstacles “real” or are they just excuses??? Many of us turn excuses into fears and what we deem as real obstacles to our goals. But take a closer…harder look at those fears and obstacles. Can you find a way to eliminate them or work around them? Can you arrange your schedule differently to give you half an hour or a full hour to devote to the gym or learning a new language? Now think about your entire day from beginning to end, was there a time you wasted an hour yesterday watching TV, or sleeping until 9 when you could have gotten up at 8 and still had plenty of rest? Is there an activity or program you can put your kids into that will give you a quick half an hour or more to do something for yourself? Is there an hour you could spare on the weekend to volunteer for a good cause to help people or animals in need?

Checkout this video as I go over┬áthis exercise…


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