Monday Motivation 46 – Specialize to Become Great

This week we are talking about specializing. This is a continuation of the MM video from two weeks ago when I was talking about not trying to be something you're not, by focusing on your strengths and using them to help propel your success.

If you missed that MM video here is the blog link...

And here is the video...


Monday Motivation 44 – Stop trying to be something you’re not

So this week I am talking about specializing. Specializing is when we focus on our strengths and become great at them. This is how you become a great powerlifter, a great runner, a great kettlebell lifter, a great writer, or a great accountant, you specialize. There is a lot of talk about specializing, and how it can create the perfect storm for injuries or getting bored or cutting you off from opportunities in business you would possibly jump on if you were not focused on specializing. As always, I like to tie the MM videos together as fitness and sports and business...and success or failure in any of them...has a lot of similarities and the theories and principles of success in one easily carryover to the others. While there is some truth to increasing the possibilities of injury or getting bored or missing out on opportunities, I am going to talk about to avoid that.

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