Monday Motivation 42 – There are no shortcuts!

I love when people see me lifting or Lindsay or some of our other lifters, and they say out loud “wow they look super smooth” or “damn they make that look easy.” I laugh because it isn’t easy, it never was and it never is and it never will be. Lifting sports, powerlifting, kettlebell sport, olympic lifting, are difficult from day one and you’re always trying to push your weight or speed and you’re always trying to improve your technique, so it is always hard, there is always a challenge.

This week’s Monday Motivation is all about shortcuts…and the fact that there aren’t any. Mainly I am talking about two things, time and drug use. Lifters need to be patient, there is no fast track to great technique and lifting big weight, it takes time and dedication. As for drug use, sure you may be able to climb the ranks of your sport faster using drugs, but what it the payoff? Are you competing in a sport that doesn’t pay you, that there is no money in? If you are taking drugs in o-lifting or kettlebell sport you’re not too bright, there is no money in either sport, and there is little to no money in powerlifting unless you’re also trying to sell shirts or other products to your fans. Taking drugs now may get you on the podium, but we all know the long term side effects on the body and the mind, in the end is it worth it?

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